14 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas – How to Organize a Bedroom


The bedroom is the room where your day begins and ends every day. Keeping the bedroom well organized has an overall effect on the bedrooms look as well impacts your mood. Consider that sleeping in well-organized rooms leaves you feeling restful. Here are some hacks to help you keep the bedroom organized.

  1. Ensure your Wardrobe is Clutter-Free

De-Cluttering is the number one tip for ensuring an organized bedroom. Go through the bedroom wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes you no longer wear. This helps to create some extra space for the items you use frequently.

  1. Fold Sweaters and Hang Cloths with Plan

When keeping clothes in your wardrobe, don’t just through them in. it is important that you fold them appropriately and hang the clothes that you do not want to fold

  1. Keep a Make Up Bag

To keep the bedroom organized, buy a makeup bag and keep all the makeup in that particular bag. You should not leave your makeup scattered everywhere in the bedroom. You don’t want to find your favorite lipstick messing up the cover of the double mattress you recently purchased.

  1. Maintain a Color Code when Arranging Clothes in Your Closet

After sorting your clothes by type, ensure you also match appropriately maintain a color code. This helps you to easily retrieve the cloths without disarranging the wardrobe.

  1. Keep the Hand Bags in a Shelf or Hang them

Handbags should be kept in an orderly manner. To avoid a messy bedroom, ensure that the handbags are stored well. Do not leave the handbag and your pouch lying on the queen size foundation mattress. It makes the room look untidy and disorganized.

  1. Ensure the Bedroom Storage Drawers are Tidy

Tidiness is an important factor in your bedroom the storage drawers should be maintained neatly and it is always important you ensure they contain cleaned stuff. Close the drawers to avoid dust.

  1. Create some Extra Storage Space

There are several ideas when it comes to ensuring you have adequate storage space in your bedroom. For instance, you can purchase custom-made shelves for storing your clothes and makeup bags.

  1. Make use of Under bed Storage

Does your bed come with an extra storage space?  This is the space under your mattress for side sleepers. This space can be used for keeping the kid’s clothes or you can also store your beddings on the drawers of your bed.

  1. Display Organized Jewelry

What does your jewelry collection box contain? You can display it on your bedroom closet to enhance its look. If you have some extra space that is enough for the jewelry, keep them there.

  1. Pick the Right Nightstand

The bedroom nightstand comes with additional storage for your items. You can keep your books on the nightstand shelves. Ensure that the nightstand matches the colors of your bedroom furniture.

  1. Make use of the Headboard Space

Does your bed come in a large space? The headboard space can be incorporated shelving for your lamps as well as your favorite framed photos. You can also go for artwork on the headboard.

  1. Keep a Clean Vanity

Make the bedroom vanity from a vintage desk or even the armoire. You can keep it organized using the everyday items or the makeup you use often.

  1. Make use of the wall space

You can do the high-up bookshelves for the magazines and read books. If you have some beloved past reads, keep them on the high-up bookshelves. The high-up bookshelves look good if kept in one corner of the house.

  1. Use the Decorative Hanging Hooks

Hooks can be used for hanging most of the items. They can serve as hats, scarves, or bags storage. This also includes shelf space for displaying pictures and other artwork.

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