3 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Expert


Summer time has come around in Wales, and it’s time to break out the deck chairs and enjoy the sunshine on the patio or garden. But with all the beautiful, warm weather comes added annoyances in your home and around your landscape, mainly in the shape of wasps and bees. If you’ve discovered an infestation, it is advisable not to resolve the issue alone, you should opt for professional help.

Here are 3 reasons to hire a professional extermination team to your home.

  • Risk Factor

An amateur approaching a wasp’s nest is a recipe for disaster, you can get seriously hurt if a nest turns on you and the whole colony decides to attack you. It is not a job that should be handled by anyone other than a professional extermination team. Wasps are volatile creatures, and if disturbed will attack at a moment’s notice, they should be respected and dealt with in a professional manner. A skilled exterminator will know what to use to get rid of unwanted pests, if you spray the wrong kind of stuff on their nest you may end up poisoning yourself or others around you.

  • Allergic Reaction

When was the last time you went and had an allergy test? What kind of allergies where you tested for? Most of us have never had an allergy test, let alone one which identifies an allergy to wasp stings, so how would you know if your body is allergic, one way you don’t want to find out is by being stung. If you’re allergic to wasp or bee stings, getting stung could be disastrous. Although the number of people who die in the UK every year from bee, hornet or wasp stings is very low, the possibility of losing your life is still there.

If you discover an infestation in your home or yard, anywhere across South Wales, you should immediately contact a professional pest control company in Cardiff, Barry, Newport, or any other cities in that region of the UK. Let the professionals take charge of the situation and stay well away until pest control arrives.

  • Save Money

If you’ve no experience with pest control methods, you may just waste money on products which are not designed for the specific infestation you’ve encountered. Obviously, it sounds easier to visit the local hardware store and buy a spray for killing bees, but you need to know what product is the most effective.

You don’t just save money when hiring a professional exterminator, you are guaranteed to have a trained individual arrive at your home and exterminate pests in a safe manner. Most pest control sprays contain various types of dangerous chemicals, so using them without experience could be hazardous to your health.

There are many good reasons to hire a professional wasp exterminator to rid your premises of an infestation. Trying to eradicate the problem by yourself can be challenging and extremely dangerous, a professional will come to your home equipped with all the right tools and knowledge to solve your problem in the correct manner.

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