4 Reasons Why you Should Replace your Front Door


The front door is the main entrance to the home, and therefore has great aesthetic significance, and with the British climate throwing everything it can at the barrier, the front door will eventually lose its shine and a replacement is the best solution. If you are thinking about repainting your front door, consider replacing it with a modern, composite unit, and here are just a few of the reasons why many homeowners have already had their doors and windows replaced.

  1. Greater Security – The front door is the most targeted zone with domestic burglaries, and a house breaker can spot an inadequate door in a flash, and this makes for an ideal entry point. If you have a double glazed, or a solid front door fitted, you immediately have a good deterrent, as it will be almost impossible to force entry. There are experienced door installers in Pinner and Harrow who can fit the very best security locking, and while they are there, they can check your home and suggest any security upgrades you might need.
  2. Improved Insulation – A major portion of your valuable heat escapes through the front door, especially if it is an ageing model, and with aluminium frames and double glazed units, your heating bills will drop a little and you can say goodbye to those annoying draughts. One should also consider the back door, which also experiences heat loss, and if your windows are single glazed, why not have the whole house done?
  3. Adds to the Value – Any property with a new front door would be worth more, and if the design is right, it will enhance the overall look of the property. If a homeowner has put their house on the market but had no offers, it sometimes works to replace the front door and resurface the driveway, as this makes the property look much more appealing to a potential buyer. If your home is mainly timber, then you can have a matching wood-grain finish on either anodised aluminium or UPVC, which are both maintenance free, yet you will still have that rustic look.
  4. Decaying Timber Frames – Even with the best preservatives, softwood frames only last so long, and with the English climate being what it is, rot can soon set in. The wet weather will attack timber, and once dampness is present, wet and dry rot are never far behind, whereas with aluminium, you can be sure the units will remain in pristine condition for many years, and what’s more, it requires zero maintenance.

Finding the right supplier is essential, and with bespoke creations and composite materials, your new front door can add some real character to the property. An online search would point you in the right direction, and by using a local company, you are contributing something to the community. They would have a range of design options, and if you have a concept, they would be happy to work with you and turn your idea into reality.


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