5 Gardening Tips In Winter Season


When playing tennis, you need to have a good technique along with the right equipment in order to show a good performance. The same goes through with gardening. You need use the right supplies from the home improvement store and get to work with the right gardening techniques.

From your gardening experts at https://amico.com.au, here are some cool tips to get your spring garden green and gorgeous this season.

Prune old plats.

If there are plants that have survived the winter season, you still have to prune them in order for them to grow anew during the spring season. For blooming plants, they need to be pruned right away once they bloom so you won’t cut off future flowers. For summer plants, prune them in early spring. For more pruning and trimming tips, don’t hesitate to ask for help from gardening experts.

Clean your garden.

Another way to keep your spring garden beautiful is to remove all debris on it. Rake leaves and other debris on it. Remove the weeds from the roots in order to make sure that won’t grow back garden. It’s also a good idea to get your gardening tools because you’ll be needing them for soil care and plant maintenance.

Add moisture to the soil.

It’s also time to revitalize your soil. Chances are your soil has dried out after winter, and this is the best time to add moisture on it. One good trick is to apply organic materials like manure or compost. You may also want to test the soil in order to determine the right nutrients it needs. This will help you know the right mixture to apply on it.

Furthermore, you may need to use more fertilizer in order to enhance the health of the soil and improve the life of your plants.

Add mulch to your garden and flower beds.

Aside from adding organic materials and fertilizers, another helpful gardening tip is to add mulch to your garden. Adding one to three-inch mulch to your garden is a good way to prevent the growth of weeds and diseases. Also, it keeps the soil revitalize while maintaining the right temperature. It is recommended to keep the mulch a few inches from the stems in order to avoid rotting.

Turn your attention to new plants.

Once you already have your spring garden in good shape, it’s time to plant new shrubs and flowers. Some of the most recommended spring plants include snapdragons, pansies, redbuds, lilacs, tulips, and vegetables such as peas, arugula and lettuce. You may also want to ask a gardening expert about other spring plants for your garden.

One tip: focus on planning more perennials instead of annuals, as annuals need to be swapped out every year. Simply put, you’re investing in plants that will die annually and need replacement. On the other hand, perennial plants can last up to three years and can withstand extreme winter days.

If you need some help with your landscape, hire a landscape designer in Bondi from Amico and start your gardening project soon.

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