5 Kitchen Upgrades You Must Do Before Winter


1. Repainting

A new paint job is the most basic thing you can do to make things look new in your kitchen. If you don’t want to completely overhaul your kitchen into a new one then a new paint job will do the trick for you. This is a low budget option where you can make your kitchen look new without having to go through major investments and changes. If this is done in winter, your whole paint job can be done within two days.

2. New Countertop

Countertops are prone to wear out within a few years. If your kitchen countertop is in bad shape then you might want to change them. Not only they will look beautiful and change the whole look of your kitchen but also they will be installed within no time because it doesn’t require any trips in and out of the house. During the winter season, they are also very cheap and you can buy a good countertop for a lower price than usual.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/x108OZZfzdc

3. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has gained so much popularity in recent years that it has beaten the real wood flooring in many aspects. You can even step it up a notch with luxury vinyl flooring. Getting the luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen in winters is the best choice you can make regarding kitchen flooring. It is highly durable, resistant and gives the look of real wood flooring, except that it is completely synthetic. You may even find a good deal from LVT dealers in winters.

Source: https://www.directwoodflooring.co.uk/florence-click-blackfired-oak-luxury-vinyl-tile-flooring.html

4. Expanding the Space

As time passes by, you may need more space in your kitchen for ever-expanding equipment and decoration items. You may feel a little cramped up in your kitchen or it may be difficult to declutter. If that’s the case then you may have to call kitchen renovation companies to come and expand the space for your kitchen.

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5. Newer Cabinets

Older cabinets and knobs can steal the look of a kitchen. Swapping them up with the newer ones can give your kitchen a new look. However, you may need to spend some money on getting a chic looking cabinet. You can also replace them with shelves or giving them a new front so they look new if you want a low-cost makeover for your kitchen. The process is a simple DIY where you can easily replace them in the comfort of your cozy home in winters.

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