5 Tips for Hiring a Reliable Driveway Company


Like any other industry, you are going to encounter scams, tricksters and fraudsters, this is also present in the construction industry. To avoid hiring a contractor who is unreliable and incompetent you must first carry out some research and prepare yourself accordingly so you decrease the chance of becoming a victim. The following tips will help you avoid dodgy contractors and hire a professional company for the job.

  1. Do Some Sightseeing

Get ready to do some sightseeing, any trustworthy driveway company will provide you with a list of customers and their address’ so you can go and see for yourself the kind of job they carried out on their driveway. You do not need to contact previous customers, simply find where they live, visit their premises and observe their driveway. If you happen to bump into the owners you could ask them a few questions, most people will be happy to talk about a company who carried out an excellent service on their driveway.

  1. Avoid Door to Door Sales

Avoid dealing with any contractor who knocks and your door and asks whether you would like any construction work carried out, if they state that they are doing some work in the area, this usually is a red flag and you should decline their offer. A high-quality driveway company does not need to make random door to door sales to sell their product, they should already have an established client base and a professional sales team.

  1. Receipts & Documentation

It is important to get a document detailing everything that was done on the job, you should have a receipt which shows what type of material was used on your driveway and how much did it cost. If you encounter any issues when the construction team are finished, you can revert to your documentation if needed, without receipts, you are simply taking the builder’s word.

  1. Check Credentials

If you plan on hiring a contractor to carry out work on your pavement or driveway, make sure to check their credentials. They should be registered with the relevant building authorities and have a legitimate licence for carrying out any form of construction work. They should have domestic or commercial building insurance to cover any incidents or accidents which may occur on the job. You should only consider established tradespeople who can guarantee a professional service.

  1. Online Solutions

The Internet is an excellent way of researching top quality driveway companies in your area, for example, if you carry out a search on one of the major cities in Australia, you will discover a host of construction companies who build driveways in Melbourne or any other area across the state. You can also read customer feedback and reviews posted online to gather information on potential companies. A quick look at their website will give you an idea of the service they provide and the cost of a build.

Remember to consider the above mentioned tips when hiring a driveway company, choose a contractor with a solid reputation who will not mess you about during or after the build.

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