A Checklist for Moving Houses


If you are looking to move your house, you don’t have to dread doing so. Moving a house is oftentimes a serious hassle, especially if you’re moving to a new county or a new country. Such hassle can cause a serious amount of stress in many people. However, one choice you do have is to plan ahead. If you plan ahead efficiently, it will limit the amount of uncertainty. Planning ahead will make your move more efficient and more productive. It will also go much faster, which means that it will likely cost you less money.

8 Weeks before You Move

Your moving preparations should begin about eight weeks before you move. Before you move, you will need to start organising your items by what you intend to keep and those you intend to dispose of. If you have a lot of space and a lot of time, you can do this thematically. For example, you could pull together all of your decorations and decide which to keep or which to purge. You could then pull together all of your books and movies. This can be a fairly disruptive way to go about making decisions. If you don’t have the space or the time, you should consider going room by room. Going room by room will mean that you only disrupt one room at a time.

You also need to begin to research experts in house moving in Collier Row. Also, gather as much information about your children’s schooling as possible. You might need to move their school information, and it’s best to get all of that information as early as possible.

6 Weeks before You Move

Six to four weeks before you move, you need to start getting serious about moving. You need to choose your removalists and schedule the moving date. You need to also order your packing supplies. If you get them from a local place, you can pick those supplies yourself. Start boxing up things that you won’t be using before you move. Also, you need to start considering how to empty the fridge. If you’re not moving very far, you don’t necessarily have to empty the fridge, but it will be a hassle to move some of that stuff. It’s best to eat all of the perishable items and move the items that won’t go bad into the truck.

If you can, you should also measure the rooms in your new space at this time. Doing so will make it a little bit easier to know how you are going to fit everything in the new space. This is also when you should file for a change of address. Remember to forward your mail to your new location as well. In many places, you can schedule the change for some point in the future.

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