A Guide To Cost Effective Housekeeping


If you are responsible for running the family home, you will already be aware just how much effort it takes, what with the daily chores like the washing up and making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear. Like anything else, it is easy to spend more than you need when paying for domestic products or services, and with that in mind, here are some top tips to cost effective home management.

  • Buy Online – The development in digital technology has empowered the consumer, who can now buy products at lower than retail prices. How is this possible? Well, the online supplier has no need for retail premises, and does not have to employ sales staff, and prices reflect this. You could, for example, buy all your cleaning supplies online, and with door to door delivery, you also save a lot of time – something there is never enough of.

  • Essential Services – Calling out a plumber in the middle of the night could be very costly, and it is wise to pre-source all essential services you might need. When searching online for an emergency plumber or electrician, look for those that have no callout charge, and there are many contractors who will waive the callout fee. Once you have all these emergency numbers in your smartphone, you will be ready for anything, and won’t pay over the odds when you do need the service.

  • Bulk Purchases – There are certain things like washing powder and dried pet food that are always needed, and by purchasing in bulk, you not only get a lower price, you also save time by not having to acquire the item. Ordering in advance will ensure you have a good supply of everything, and in the event you do run out of something, you can always buy a small package at the local convenience store, just until you restock.

  • Organise and Assign Chores – If the kids are old enough to help, you really need to arrange a family meeting, when you can introduce the concept of every family member taking on some of the daily and weekly chores. This not only makes sure everything is covered, it also instils a level of responsibility in the children, which will help them to become more productive adults. One must make sure that the children’s tasks are suitable for their age, and with your partner also chipping in, you can post the schedule in the kitchen for everyone to see.

  • Recycle What you Can – Glass bottles and aluminium cans should be disposed of responsibly, and any old furniture you might have no need for, can possibly be of help to someone else. Scrap metal should be kept, at least until you have enough to call for a scrap metal dealer to come and collect it, and if you grow your own vegetables, scrap food can be used to make a compost heap in the corner of the garden.

Housekeeping is all about organisation and with the help of the family and online purchasing, you should be able to comfortably manage the home.

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