Are You Feeling as If You Need an Upgrade


While some people are reluctant to make a change, other people welcome it. If you count yourself in the second category, you feel more motivated when your surroundings are updated and vibrant. If your budget can only stretch so far, you will find that using the money for painting will provide the results you need.

How to Make a Paint Selection

However, you just cannot paint a wall and voila! everything changes. You need to make a paint selection based on several criteria. A qualified painter and decorator in West Kilbride can help you make a decision. For instance, you should choose your paint as follows:

  • The area you want to paint
  • The type of changes you are planning
  • The natural lighting in the room
  • How much use the room receives

For example, you may want to paint your kitchen. If so, you need to figure out just how many cans of paint will be needed to cover the space. You also need to include a primer. Most homeowners will add two coats of paint.

What Texture Do You Need?

You also need to consider the texture of the paint. Semi-gloss paint is the best choice as it is easier to clean than paint with a matte finish. Gloss paint may be too glossy and cause increased glare.

Paint a Small Sampling

When selecting a paint, paint a small sampling on the wall that you want to cover. In fact, add about three different shades to the wall to see how they look in the natural light of day and how they appear in the artificial light of night.



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