Best Portable Mats-Trakmats


All the leading industries are using Trakmats today in order to safeguard their equipment and other benefits. The Trakmats gives protection to the road, gardens etc. It is well said that prevention is better than cure and these Trakmats provide all the solutions to a wide range of situations when it is necessary to protect the surface from any kind of damage. These trakmats are being used in the households also these days.

Suppose that you are planning to host a party in your garden and a number of people are expected to be your guest. It is very likely that the garden will get ruined since the guest will be repeatedly using the same pathway to move in and out. In case you are afraid of your beautiful grass being churned up, it high time that you opt to hire Trakmat. It will be easily protecting your garden frass from the brutal damage during the party.

At times of the renovation or construction of houses, the big trucks and other vehicles carrying the heavy equipment for construction can ruin the paved areas, grass or tarmac. The construction companies also hire Trakmats in order to provide the ground the necessary protection.

The Trakmats are used for Support rubber tyre machines which are not designed to use with steel trak machinery. It gives ground protection at sports events. It allows padestrian access to the walking people. It acts as a workpad for the utility contractors. It helps preparing temporary roadways. The Trakmats are designed and prepared with extreme engineering care and are delivered very easily at the doorsteps.

There are some great reasons to hire Trakmats to protect your surface from damage. These Trakmats will bend according to the need but will not break. They can easily take the weight of upto 60 tons of vehicles. It remains unaffected by cold or heat. It is absolutely oil and chemical and oil resistant. The sheet of the Trakmat is half inch thick sheet and it comes with a warranty of upto six years.

The coolest reason to hire a Trakmat is that it comes in a cool green colour which reduces heat absorption and will never burn the grass. It prevents the glare of the sun which normally gets reflected on the white colour.

Before the innovation of the Trakmats, people used to use plywood for these purpose. The life expectancy of the Trakmat is much longer as compared to the plywood which longed for utmost ten weeks.

Anyone who has once used a Trakmat would never wish to go back to the system of using plywood as a temporary arrangement. The portable Trakmats come in Different varieties such as portable mats, shore sheeting for protecting the lawns, roadways and grass and outrigger pads.

Further to the benefits of hiring a Trakmat is that it saves your time as none of your vehicles will get stuck during the work time. It saves lot money as it stops the frequent replacement of the slippery, rotten or broken plywood and has a much longer life.


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