Bolted Tanks- Best Storage Solution


Bolted tanks have become the most favorable choice of businesses and different organizations these days. They are extremely easy and quick to install as well as long-lasting. On the other hand, traditional tanks are difficult to install and require frequent repairs and maintenance which makes them less durable and more expensive. Bolted tanks can be considered as one of the best storage solutions for storing liquid as well as dry stuff.  Let us know more about these tanks and why they are the best solutions for your storage needs.


Installing bolted tanks is not a very complicated process. The installation is usually quick, requiring less time than that taken by traditional tanks. The time depends on the sizes of the tanks to be installed. Different individual sections of these tanks are manufactured and finished off site which are then taken onsite for quick installation. This reduces the number of labor and amount of time taken on the field. Also, the installation of these tanks is not affected by any weather condition as they are manufactured and finished off-site. Installation is way faster than concrete tanks and requires less labor to do it.

Assembling of Bolted Tanks

The first step in assembling of bolted tanks is the clearing the installation site, and then the site is graded so that a level surface can be created. Then on the land, a base of sand or crushed stone is applied, and then a concrete slab is used. The Gaskets are then fitted between the steel panel sections allowing to create a durable seal and prevents damage to connected metal surfaces. Other fittings such as doors, valves, utility hole covers are added, and then the roof of the tank is installed.


An individual section of bolted tank is manufactured and finished off-site. Therefore, they are formed as per the strict structural specifications. All the factors are efficiently monitored and under supervision control. To give a durable finish to these sections, they are powder coated in a tightly-controlled environment which removes corrosion and other cracks and leak issues. These tanks meet all the Global standards thus making them a long-lasting product. Also, they are easy to repair or maintain by just replacing the damaged section and installing the new one as compared to the concrete and welded tanks.


You can use bolted tanks almost anywhere. You can store bulk materials such as dry foods, water, waste-water, liquid products, etc. These tanks are used in municipal, rural, industrial, and residential areas. They can also be built ranging in size to store up to a million gallons of water. You can know more about the usage considerations here. These tanks can also be used for short-term or emergency storage of water such as in fire stations and store items such as milk, juice, gases petroleum, etc.


The major disadvantage of using traditional or concrete tank is its installation and repairs are expensive as well as time-consuming. If you have to expand them for future use, then this involves extensive labor and cost. On the contrary, extending bolted tanks is easy as well as cost-effective. Individual sections can be removed easily, and additional sections can be added vertically or horizontally thus reducing the time and cost taken to expand these tanks.

Once installed, the repairs do not take much time. It’s just done by unbolting the damaged part and replacing it and then bolting it back gain. Easy and fast repairs make these tanks a cheaper option in the long run. You do not need any very skilled labor such as welders to do so who charge high wages in return.


Bolted tanks are not a burden on your budget. These require small investments and can be durable for a long time. Also, the cost of maintenance is very less as compared to the traditional ones. You can quickly expand these tanks as per your requirements. Therefore, these tanks are very economical as compared to concrete or welded tanks.

Thus, bolted tanks seem to be an effective as well as a cost-saving solution for your storage needs. These tanks are not only easy to install but also reduce your shipping costs as they are easy to carry. Assembling and disassembling these tanks is quick and accurate. The durability, versatility and economical nature of these tanks make them the best solution for storage.

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