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When disaster strikes, it doesn’t care whose property it hits or how hard. It just wreaks havoc on the lives of those who own the property it affects. If your building is hit by a disaster, you need the best disaster cleanup company Inland Empire offers. We are equipped to handle just about any type of property disaster, and we’d be glad to help you. 

We handle disasters of all types. We commonly deal with fire and smoke, storm, water and other property destruction caused by Mother Nature. Additionally, we handle contents cleaning and can help you with both commercial and residential cleaning. 

One type of disaster we commonly work with is caused by water. Whether it’s a burst pipe, flooding caused by fire hoses in the process of putting out a fire, a river that has flooded into your home or business, or some other type of water damage, we are experienced and knowledgeable about cleaning up all types of water damage. 

Water leaks are often behind water damage that may not immediately be visible. We can non-invasive find the source of a water leak once you notice or suspect water damage using the latest in industry technology. 

Additionally, we help clients by restoring their properties after there has been a fire. Fire does more than burn. It also causes doors and windows to blow out and even roofs to lift when the pressure inside the building caused by the fire is too great. Smoke, soot, and fire can also etch the walls in a building, and smoke leaves a strong, lingering odor. We deodorize the space, clean the soot off of damaged materials, and perform contents cleaning. 

If you own a business, you will be glad to know that we provide commercial service as well. We understand that all business and operations can come to a grinding halt when a disaster strikes a building, and we will do whatever we can to mitigate the damage and to get the restoration process going as soon as possible. 

You can reach us at any time of the day or night, and we will respond promptly to your call with experts who will assess the situation and begin the cleanup process right away. Call your insurance company right away to start the claim, and we will be there with you throughout the process. We are the best end-to-end disaster cleanup company Inland Empire offers, and we look forward to restoring your property to its original condition.

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