Cleaning and Restorative Services Offered by Carpet Cleaning Companies


Along with cleaning rugs and carpets, many carpet cleaning companies can also clean other fabrics in your household. If your furniture hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, or ever, these experts can also clean fabric as well as leather couches or chairs. They can also provide other services, including the three below.

Window Treatments

If your windows are covered by curtains or drapes, most carpet cleaning services will also be able to clean them. Some drapes will need to be steam cleaned like your carpets, so a quick change of tools will allow the technician to carefully get rid of dust and dirt that has built up on the fabric. They can also clean window blinds, whether they are vinyl, wood, or fabric vertical blinds.

Mattress Cleaning

Most people use mattress protectors to keep the fabric of a mattress top from getting stained. However, after years of use, mattresses become heavy due to dead skin cells and dust which has settled onto them. Fortunately, some companies providing carpet cleaning in Pimlico also clean mattresses, which can help prolong its lifespan for several more years.

Leather Cleaning

Even though leather is a durable fabric, it can fade under the sun’s UV rays, or when the wrong products are used to clean it. By using the proper products, including dyes for faded spots and a protective covering to prevent further fading, a cleaning company can restore your leather couch, chairs, or ottomans. If correctly cleaned and cared for, leather furniture can last you a lifetime and be passed onto your children.

A good carpet cleaning service will be able to provide these additional services and others like adding stain protection to carpets, getting rid of and preventing dust mites, and colour correcting faded rugs so they are restored to their original beauty.

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