Clutter Clearing Tasks for The New Year



Decluttering your home can sometimes feel like a colossal task, but it really doesn’t have to be, and the great news is, now is the perfect time to start. By completing small and simple decluttering tasks each day you’ll have decluttered from top to bottom in no time at all. Our guide gives you ideas on how to quickly and easily tidy up your Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom and Hallway.

Decluttering the Living Room

It’s 2020 and with the amount of streaming services now available do you really need a vast CD, DVD and book collection? If you have these in your home, ask yourself when the last time you picked one up was. Maybe it’s time to put them into storage elsewhere in the home or even have a car boot sale

Couch cushions in a home can be the ultimate clutter culprit. Having to move 4 scatter cushions before you sit down can first of all be very annoying but also can make a room look messy, do you have too many? It’s also surprising what can be found under couch cushions and the couch itself, take a look and you may even profit from the task with loose change often being found. 

If you have children it’s likely some of their toys will end up in the living room, whilst you can’t help this in most cases the simple use of a storage chest makes the room look much tidier and you can only try to get your children to put away their own toys.. Good luck. 

Windowsills and Fireplaces unfortunately can be ideal places for clutter. Take time to look what is on them and remove anything that doesn’t belong there. The same rule applies if you have a coffee table in your living room, which can easily become home to letters and paperwork.  

Decluttering the Kitchen

The kitchen can very easily collect things that we don’t use or need anymore and just taking the time to see what we have can reduce clutter tenfold. Start with reviewing your electronics and ask yourself if it’s really needed anymore. Do you have a bread maker or blenders that you didn’t use last year? If the answer is no, it’s likely you’re not going to miss it. Look at donating it to charity, however, check if these items can be accepted.

The food cupboard and fridge are next. Check all expiry dates on the food you currently have and throw out any food past its expiry dates. You can also think about if the many cans of beans you’ve accumulated over the years are likely to be eaten, and if you have any spare food that you aren’t going to consume, there are many food banks that would be grateful for the donation. 

Some people also have their favourite recipe books in the kitchen but don’t tend to need the whole book. Why don’t you cut out or type up your favourite recipes and get rid of the extra clutter? 

Downsize the amount of cleaning products you have under the sink and try to use up cleaning products before buying new ones. You may also want to take some of your cleaning products upstairs to store in the bathroom to save you walking up and downstairs when the shower is in need of a clean. 

Kitchen drawers and above cupboards can also be one of those tasks you never get around to and therefore can easily collect spare batteries, tools and other items that clutter up draws. Take a look through your kitchen drawers and discard anything that is no longer needed, you can either find a new suitable place for it or throw it away. If you don’t already, utilise a draw and purchase a compartment tray for your utensils, you can also hang larger utensils on the wall using hooks. You can then look at dusting above cupboards and removing any boxes that may have been stored up there, when doing this task it is important not to stand on work surfaces as they are not designed for climbing on and can become slippery, instead use a step stool or step ladder when working at height. 

Decluttering the Bedroom

Let’s start decluttering the bedroom with a look at your clothing. Take a look at those items of clothing you haven’t worn for years or you bought for one event and haven’t worn since. It is a good idea to make three piles, clothes to keep in the bedroom, clothes to keep and store away and clothes to get rid of. The items you decide not to keep you can either donate them to a charity shop or list them on eBay and try and get something back for your decluttering efforts. If you have a summer and winter wardrobe perhaps you could store these elsewhere during the alternate month, you could vacuum pack them and store them in the loft. 

The bedroom may also consist of makeup or lotion and potions that were bought as a gift or no longer use, so why not find someone who will or throw it out. To keep the space tidier why not store these items inside your dressing table or even a simple make-up bag can do the trick. 

The bedroom is usually a reasonably small space and it can be surprising how much decluttering can improve your sleep. You should take a step back and look at the furniture you have, is it all needed, or could you move some furniture to other rooms to free up some space? 

Decluttering the Bathroom

Everyone is guilty of always picking up shampoo and shower gels during every big shop, but try and get out of this habit, too many bottles in the bathroom can just look messy. Be sure to use what’s left before buying new ones. The same goes for toothpaste and remember to throw out any old toothbrushes that are no longer in use. If you have perfumes or aftershaves on display, ensure these are away from radiators as evaporation can be costly! 

Try and store away any toilet rolls on display in a cupboard or basket to make your bathroom look tidier, this will mean you can also remove the unnecessary plastic packaging. There are also other options available, such as freestanding toilet roll holders that hold the current roll that is in use as well as spare rolls. 

How are your towels kept in the bathroom? It may be worth investing in a towel rack for a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing look. Even better, a heated towel rack, a warm towel after a shower is one of those small wins in life. 

Decluttering the Hallway

The hallway can easily become one of the most cluttered places in your home. As you come home from a long day at work, it’s so easy to dump all your belongings and relax, but if there is a place to put everything, you’ll still be able to do this, and it’ll look super tidy. 

Shoes off at the door is standard etiquette in most homes, but instead of flinging them off invest in a compartment holder or shoe stand. Not only will this look better, but it’ll also stop passages to the door being blocked which can be really important. 

Coat hooks or free-standing coat stands is another effective item to add to your hallway. It’ll now allow you to hang coats and hats instead of them being thrown over chairs in other rooms. 

When checking your mail try and get in the habit of recycling junk mail immediately and storing more important letters elsewhere. It goes without saying but please store these in a tidy and safe space.


There we have it, as promised there are many small tasks that can be completed daily to make a huge effect on the clutter throughout your home. Our final tip is; if storage is a problem ensure you are making use of your loft and under stairs cupboards with labelled storage boxes.  

Happy new year and happy new de-cluttered home! 

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