Common Mistakes Foreigners Make While buying an apartment In Germany And Berlin


Berlin is seen as one of the best places for investment. Though its interesting market attracts certain people, its hurdles and dynamics, on the other hand, can deter a few investors too. Most of the foreign investors who would like to invest in Berlin and Germany are sometimes do not know about these parameters. Negative monetary and moral penalties can adversely impact their investment profit for rental investments. There are some ways to avoid these mistakes.

Underestimating notary costs and counseling

Many times, foreign visitors do not have a good command over German language. This means that they are at permanent fight to seek right information when they need it. This deprives them to take efficient decisions. The owner or manager of estate might not be interested to communicate with the visitor in English. This requires the need of a German speaking intermediary.

Hiring an external German speaking assistant can incur an exorbitant price for an investor. To solve this issue, there are several reputed and established property investments in Berlin. Berlin property investment agencies provide exemplary services that assist visitors in avoids such unnecessary costs.

Failing to read the sales contract completely

Foreign investors who have failed to understand all the TOC (terms and conditions) of the contract really had bad experiences. In some contacts, more authority is given to the properties manager where other contracts, investors can decide the price at which the home should be given on rent.

This can negatively impact the yield for the building. To solve this problem, property investment firms in Friedrichshain can provide you with some good lawyers who can represent your case. They would help you understand all the details mentioned in the contract.

Underestimating renovation

You can find certain apartments in a city, that is put for sale.  Such properties are in need of renovation. A property owner can hide deeper issues such as essential plumber works and floor replacements. Not paying attention to them will require you to pay the renovation expenses later on.  

To solve this issue, property investment agents in Mitte provide disposal reliable partners who can effectively set up a proposal for the essential renovation tasks. An expert checking of the apartment could provide you trusted feedbacks on the tasks that are required to be done.

Forgetting about the technical aspect of the property

In Germany, asking for appraisal of an expert is not considered to be mandatory before signing a sales proposal. When one plans to buy apartment Berlin, some visitors are drawn not to call to save time and/or money. Paying attention to the technical features of a development is beneficial in identifying pitfalls in the property.

This, in turn, becomes a strength at the time of negotiation phase. Neukolln property agents help visitors in educating about its significance and also provide them assistance of right experts.


It is quite common for foreign buyers to get into issues while searching for an immovable property in Berlin. These solutions would definitely prove to be helpful in coming out of the hurdles easily.

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