Decking maintenance – is it really important? Schedule and tips


There is a reason why people love having decks attached to their houses, and why they spend unbelievable amounts of money on them. Let’s face it – the decks are perfect spaces where you relax and take your family “out” of the house. But decks will not be your one-time-care while setting them up. The decks will demand high maintenance, and they will be worth it.

Deck repair and restoration make the top among light carpentry services. Decks are affected by a variety of factors, among which are the weather conditions, accumulation of dirt and debris, ignorance in applying the right coating, or paint. Tip: addressing the issues on time may save you a fortune of money, time, and psychological discomfort. Maintaining it right from the start in a professional way may keep it practical and attractive for another decade. How often do you do it? Employ a professional team to review the deck’s condition once a year.


Employing new technology would allow performing some of the processes like outdoor deck repair and replacement instead of full deck replacement. It will make it look as new and save you money. Tip: Eager cleaning from debris and dirt will help you become aware of when a plank needs replacement, a board requires fixing, or a nail should be hammered back into the wood. Schedule: take time to review these minor details twice a year, in spring, when you set it back to a living space and in autumn, before going into nasty weather conditions.

Along with replacement as part of deck repair services, coating and sealing your deck and other wood sidings are two main operations you’ll have to master, even if you don’t do it yourself. Wood tends to react to weather conditions, becoming rough, and getting to look old over time. To preserve it, both in quality and looks, the coating is recommended to be applied. How often? If you are interested in keeping your deck safe, twice per year would be a great score. Tip: always choose sunny, dry days to perform your coating. Humidity may interfere with the quality of the services.

While coating will aim to keep your wood from weathering fast, the next procedure would seal the deal. Professional deck repair contractors recommend you use a good sealing to protect your deck from both rain and humidity. A deck sealer is a transparent finish often regarded as waterproof and a bit of sunscreen. It locks out moisture that jeopardizes the woods’ wellbeing and keeps away the sun that dries the wood and exposes it to cracking and splitting. Tip: still, no sealing is too good against UV lights, so remember to apply a specific deck finish that contains UV protection. How often do you seal your deck? Once per year, if needed, it would be just enough.

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