Do You Need Boiler Repairs


Your home’s boiler is a fairly simple system in concept. You pipe water through the boiler. The boiler burns a fuel, typically natural gas or fuel oil. The gas heats up the water to a boil. That boiling water travels through pipes in the walls of your house. In different rooms, the pipes emerge as radiators. The boiling water radiates heat throughout the house. Eventually, it comes back to the boiler to be reheated. If you’re having a boiler problem, it could be a heating problem or a water problem.

Boiler Problems

If you’re having a problem with your heat, you need reliable Worcester boiler repairs in Plymouth. They will get your boiler fixed in no time.

  • Sometimes, the plumbing could have a clog that causes the water to not be piped into the boiler properly.
  • In other cases, the boiler pipes can actually have a leak. That might allow water to seep out while it is in its circuit; this is a danger to your walls and your electrical system as well.
  • Also, a boiler might need a cleaning so that it burns fuel more completely.

Fuel Issues

If your boiler is burning natural gas, you need to make sure that the flame is blue. If the pilot light keeps going out or if the flame is burning yellow, you need to make sure that you turn off the gas until the repair person arrives. Natural gas burns blue in the presence of sufficient oxygen. If there is insufficient oxygen, it could produce carbon monoxide.


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