Don’t Forget To Fill A Skip Before Moving House


Think of all the clutter that is lying around the house right now – old toys in the attic, unwatched DVDs in the living room and recycling in the kitchen.

Some people who move house fall into the trap of taking all of their rubbish with them when they are moving. Don’t do this – instead, hire a large skip and fill it to the brim.

  • Put old toys in the skip because the children are too old to play with them anymore.
  • Instead of taking an old creaking bedframe to the new house, why not put it into a skip bin? Buy a new bed frame and have it delivered to the new home.
  • Don’t throw out all of the recycling. Instead, put all of the recycling into a specially compartmentalised skip bin.
  • Clear out the garage and put old bikes and gardening equipment into the skip.
  • Think about putting paper and cardboard into the skip bin too.

Why Is This A Smart Move?

The main reason why people want skip bin hire near me in the first place is that they want to reduce the amount of clutter that they have in their lives. Carefully make a list of things that can be put into the skip bin and things that will be taken to the new house.

When the list has been completed, double-check to make sure that nothing is missing. Sort everything into different piles such as recyclables, non-recyclables and garden waste.

Recyclable Waste

Recyclable waste includes things such as plastic, glass and paper. Metal can be recycled if it is loaded into a skip bin and then taken to a local scrap yard. Old toys that the children are too old to play with can be recycled if they are made out of plastic.

Non-Recyclable Waste

Nowadays, the list of non-recyclable waste is extremely small indeed because disposal companies want to offer a well-rounded service to its customers. Laminated paper or tin foil cannot be recycled, so it is best to have the laminating material removed from the paper beforehand. Old laminated papers should be cleared out of filing cabinets and then stripped of the lamination.

Hazardous Waste

Homeowners could be reluctant to put hazardous waste into the skip bin, but there is absolutely no need to worry at all. Modern skip bins are built to withstand items such as batteries and paint. However, make sure that all of the hazardous items are put into a separate skip so that there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Garden Waste

Clippings and grass can also be loaded into the skip prior to the move so that the bags are not left in the garden.

Once The Skip Has Been Loaded

After the skip bin has been loaded, all of the rubbish can be taken away. This is a psychological load off the shoulders of the people who are moving house. Make sure that enough skip bins have been hired and that they are large enough for the job.

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