Easy Checklist for a Smooth Home Renovation


If you’ve never had any home renovation carried out before, you might be feeling somewhat nervous. (And maybe even a little bit excited!)

  • What will it cost?
  • How long will the work take?

Therefore, knowing what to expect helps to calm any concerns and then you will be prepared for what is to come.

Enter the Professionals

You will need to employ seasoned specialists to take care of everything from the first to the last minute of the job in hand, and that includes the purchasing of products and materials, and handling the whole construction process.

When you hire a renowned, professional outfit, it will certainly remove a lot of worry, make it a smooth transition, and help to keep your bathroom installation in South London project on schedule and within the budget’s allowance.

Matters of Noise

If you think it will be a hammer knocking away here and there, and some sawing in the background, you’d better think again! And when the job is being undertaken, it will be continual. Lots of tools and machines granting you very little peace or quiet.

  • Try going somewhere as far away from the noise zone and if you work from home, wear some headphones or earplugs!

If you believe that it can’t possibly be that bad, go and visit someone else who is having some renovation carried out and just might have a change of mind!

And anyway, at least all of that noise means that the renovation is being done, so think positively!

Dust Matters

Even if using zip wall barriers, there’s always a fine layer of dust which manage to make it to other parts of the home.

  • You can try shutting off the construction area from the rest of your home with a compression-fit temporary wall.
  • Also, running air filtering systems will help to pull dust from the air in the non-construction part of your home.

The Clean Up

No problems there as a professional renovation company will clean up after each job or work day, thus minimising any disruption to home-life as much as possible.

And When the Job Has Been Completed

It may be the removal of that unsightly, small bathroom, or those aged kitchen shelves and tops. Or it may be the installation of aesthetically pleasing to the eye, spiral stairs, that you’ve always wanted installed into your lovely home.

Others will be feeling celebratory when they see their brand new ceiling and floors being finished, and can’t wait to get the furniture back in and arranged, after the renovation project is completely finished.

  • And have no concerns, because that great feeling when you get to move back into the newly renovated home, will immediately make you feel that the transformation was well worth it.

Time for a Party!

Why not have a nice little party to celebrate and show off that brand new kitchen, bathroom or living room?

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