Effective Ideas To Create A Modern Guest Room


Are you thinking of ways to create a contemporary guest bedroom that is comfortable and welcoming? In this article, we will provide you with some effective decorating ideas that will help you turn your present guest bedroom to an exotic retreat for your house guests.

Try Trundle Beds

Normal beds are large furniture pieces that take up a large amount of space in the bedroom. Use a trundle bed to save space and improve the appearance of the room. These are space saving beds that are equipped with special mechanisms to hide under a parent bed. They also incorporate storage units like drawers and shelves to lessen the need for separate furniture items.

If you have small rooms, studios, tight guest rooms, or apartments, then you must consider incorporating these space saving beds in your guest room design.  MattressNut.com is a great resource for information on space saving beds like trundle beds and bunk beds, murphy beds and more.

Create the right Bedside Setup

Along with comfort, style is also important to your guests. The aesthetics of a room make it welcoming and cozy for your guests rather than just a boring place to sleep. Style helps make your guests feel cared for and good about the place where they have chosen to stay (particularly if you AirBnB your rooms out!). The right bedside setup is important for creating a stylish guest room.

We recommend having a bedside light for convenient reading, a fresh flower vase, a glass of water, a scented candle, and magazines to make a big impact on a room’s aesthetics.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Bad lighting can make things worse. It can cast a bad impression on your guests (and customers). Ensure that your guest bedroom is properly equipped with the right lighting. Here’s a great article on room lighting for guest rooms. Based on their tips, make sure you incorporate a bedside lamp so that your customers do not have to walk far from their bed to the light in the dark when they are ready to sleep. A bedside lamp will also enable them to read in bed.

Have you ever noticed how every hotel tries to provide you bedside lamps with mild, gentle, color tones?

Create a Functional, Dreamy, and Cozy Retreat

Your guest room needs to be comfortable, functional, and dreamy, all at the same time. All these attributes make a good impression on your guests – and this impression can lead to good reviews, more follow on customers, and more!

Some of the designs that your guest room can incorporate are rustic accents, and big, and fluffy pillows to create a fanciful, and comfortable space that your guests will love. Give a nice scenic touch to your guest room in the form of a dim light show with a forest, coastal, or urban theme. Your customers will surely love it.

Choose a Pair of Beds

If you have space in your bedroom, then it is a good idea to have two beds in place of a single bed. This will help to accommodate multiple guests at the same time. Guest rooms that have limited space should go for a vertical solution such as bunk beds. Wooden bunk beds will be a good choice for children as well as adults. Not only will they save space, but they will also be entertaining!

Another option is to use trundle beds as we mentioned before. You can even think about having a king-sized parent bed with a twin sized trundle to accommodate 3 people in a single (small) room.


A guest room should make the experience of your customers inviting, and warm. We hope that our ideas will help you create a luxurious space that will create the best impression on your visitors. The right conditions, soft and luxurious textures, and calming color palettes help in creating a great room atmosphere.

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