Finding The Best Mattress For A Child’s Bed


When it is time for your child to transition from their crib to their first big kid bed, you will want to buy a good mattress for their bed. It can be difficult to pick the right mattress because a child is more interested in the style of bed than trying out mattresses to find one that is comfortable. Here are some suggestions for finding the best mattress for your child’s new bed.

Supports their Bodies

When you’re examining mattresses for your child’s bed, you will want one that supports his or her growing body. Since their bones are still developing, you should buy a mattress to support your child’s body in order to prevent issues with their spine later in life. Conventional wisdom was that a firm mattress is the best for promoting back health, but new research shows that a mattress with more padding, such as a pillow-top, is best because it helps to provide a fit according to the contours of the body, thus promoting a straight spine.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Sleep is vital for everyone, but especially for children. Getting a proper night’s sleep helps to rest their minds as well as their bodies. Children who do not get enough high-quality sleep often have trouble in school because they cannot focus on what is going on; their minds usually feel sluggish and they often have trouble with their memory. A child should get at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every night and a good mattress will help promote a good night’s rest.

Best for Allergies

If you have a child that suffers from allergies, then it is important to buy a mattress made from the right materials to avoid problems. Some allergies are triggered by dust mites or other microbes that embed themselves in mattresses. While you can buy a hypoallergenic, antibacterial mattress cover or protector, latex mattresses naturally repel dust mites. Latex rubber also helps prevent the growth of bacteria, so it is a great choice for a child who suffers from allergies.

Grows with the Child

As most mattresses can last 10 years or more, you will want to find a good mattress that will stay supportive as your child grows. If your son or daughter is taller than average, buy them an extra-long twin mattress or a full-sized mattress so that their entire body will be supported as they grow. Even if your child is small, a full-sized bed may be a good choice because it allows you to cuddle with them during story time, and they’ll have a spot for a friend to spend the night.

When you’re ready to buy your child a new bed, look for a mattress store that offers an extensive selection of kids’ beds and test them out to see which is best for your child. If you child is too young to communicate whether or not the bed is comfortable, try it yourself. It takes about 15 minutes to judge the comfort of a bed, so lie down on it to find the best mattress option for your child.


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