Finding the Statement Piece That Will Complete Your Space


The first thing that you do when designing your home is figure out the style or vibe that you are going for and then match the décor from there. But what if there was another way? Instead of starting as always, it is a great idea to let a particular piece or object inspire you and then let the whole process revolve around that item.

While it may seem crazy to allow one thing to spur an entire room, it can actually create a beautiful cohesion in your space and open you up to a new style or perspective that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. It can also open you up to the idea of other materials or textures that you would’ve never picked but work perfectly with your specific statement piece.

Where to Start

You want to just have a look around before picking your statement piece and also make sure not to have anything too specific in mind. This can be anything from a small patterned object that gives you a fun and energetic feel to copy throughout your space or a heavier, more powerful piece that will become the focal point of your space, allowing everything around it to take on a more subtle role. Once you have found it, you will know.

A Focal Point

An example of a piece that could become the focal point of a room would be a larger piece of furniture, such as a bed in the bedroom that you are redecorating. Iron beds are stunning pieces that make a beautiful centrepiece of one’s bedroom, often having beautiful designs and stunning frames. If you get a frame that is made of black iron, you may want to focus on lighter tones throughout the rest of the room with a more feminine vibe to make up for the heaviness of the metal.

A Pattern Turned Colour Scheme

Sometimes you will stumble upon a fun little item, maybe a painting or a gorgeous throw pillow, that has a very specific pattern of colours, maybe reds and blues. So, throughout the room, you decide to bring in those colours in all different shades and tones, automatically creating a cohesive set of things that all go together but in a very subtle way. Just from one small item, you can pick a group of colours that you would’ve never thought to choose before and now you have a space that is entirely unique and perfectly personalised to your own taste.

It is important to have fun when redecorating or redesigning your home. Inevitably, you’ll want to redecorate when you enter new stages in your life or when you outgrow a style but the more unique the design and process, the longer you will cherish seeing it every day.

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