Flat Roof: Repair or Replace


Unlike a pitched roof, a flat roof surface is more exposed to the elements. Most of the time you’ll find that your garage or garden shed will have a flat roof attached, but the problem with this is that they don’t adequately let rainwater run-off. They tend to suffer from water pooling and require some attention to keep them in a good condition.

Here are some tips on how to tell if your flat roof needs repairing or replacing.

Damage Level

It is no easy trying to decide whether your flat roof needs repairing or replacing, but it is best to try to fix the problem by yourself or through a professional before choosing to replace the whole unit. If you’ve noticed a leak or other types of damage, you can always tackle the problem by yourself using EPDM roof repair kits. Repair kits such as this can be used on a wide range of materials, so it doesn’t matter if your garage roof is made of wood or metal, an EPDM kit is designed to bond with all kinds of compounds making it extremely versatile. If your maintenance efforts are unsuccessful and you find that your roof has sustained heavy damage, it may be time to consider a replacement. Make sure to carefully assess the area and always try to fix a damaged before looking for a replacement.


Your flat roof will inevitably suffer deterioration, being exposed to the elements will cause issues to arise, but most can be fixed using high-quality roofing products like EPDM. You should have no issues dealing with basic cracks, tears, or blisters, once they’re identified in time. But, one major issue you may encounter is substandard installation. If you notice that you are constantly having to fix your flat roof because it has suffered a leak or other damage, it may be because your roof wasn’t fitted correctly. If it was poorly installed it won’t function well, causing problems with the whole system. You’ll tend to see constant water pooling in uneven areas, flashings, poor ventilation and regular damage to the membrane. It is always better to try and repair your roof rather than replace it, but if you find that you’re constantly fixing your roof every month, you’ll save money by purchasing a new one.

Common Causes of Flat Roof Damage

Harsh Weather – If you’ve recently experienced severe weather conditions, then it is time to get the ladder out and assess the condition of your roof. Look out for membrane exposure due to heavy rain, intense heat, or ice.

Pooling – This can happen for several reasons, the main one could be poor installation. If you notice pooling, it must be repaired immediately to avoid serious damage.

It is important to regularly maintain your flat roof, if you notice any blisters, tears, or cracks, use a high-quality roof repair kit to fix the problem. There are several good products on the market such as EDPM repair equipment which can be bought at an affordable price from various UK companies. Only consider replacing the roof if it has sustained serious damage.

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