Get Your Cesspit Serviced Before You Experience Severe Issues


Cesspits are nothing to mess around with and you want to make it a priority to have them maintained at least once a year. It’s a simple phone call to a professional company that will ultimately save you all kinds of trouble.

Difference between a Cesspit and a Septic Tank

A septic tank and a cesspit differ in that septic tanks typically have an outlet whereas cesspits, which are completely sealed, are intended to hold sewage to be removed later.

Why Hiring a Professional Is Important

Hiring a professional cesspit emptying company is not only important but it’s basically a requirement. The process of emptying your cesspit involves an extremely powerful vacuum attached to a heavy-duty tank, making this nearly impossible to do on your own.

Even if you were somehow able to obtain this equipment, the sewage still needs to be dealt with effectively and in a way that is environmentally responsible. This is the service you get with cesspit maintenance in Cornwall.

Keeping your cesspit properly maintained is also frequently enforced by your local authority, which often mandates that you contract a professional.

Cesspit Cleaning

Emptying and cleaning typically go hand in hand. Once your cesspit is emptied, your maintenance crew also carries the tools to clean out the tank, which is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Having your cesspit thoroughly cleaned can be beneficial for health reasons. Even though the tank is underground and out of the way, it is still nice to know that it is being kept as clean as possible. Cleaning will also make future empties easier by preventing buildup.

The Consequences of Improper Maintenance

Cesspits typically need to be cleaned about once a year but it could be more depending on how many people live in your home. Failing to have these properly maintained can result in a number of more severe issues, including potential legal issues

  • Overflows: Cesspools are a closed-off system, meaning that they are 100% certain to fill up at some point. For that reason, if you neglect to empty your cesspool, you may experience a world of extremely undesirable problems.
  • Environmental Damage: When excess amounts of sewage are exposed to the surrounding environment due to an overflow, there will ultimately be damage to the ground. This can come in the form of flooding and the ground sinking, which is all taking place in your backyard.
  • Financial Issues: Any damage to your cesspit or to your yard due to poorly-maintained cesspits may force you to shell out additional funds for repair work.

Regular Maintenance

You can set up regular visits with your company to eliminate even the worry of remembering. You will also have the opportunity to receive 24-hour emergency service if you should need it.

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