Getting Ideas for a Bathroom Refurbishment


One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is by refurbishing your bathroom. Companies such as The Bathroom and Kitchen Studio can inspire you with ideas for turning your bathroom into a spa-type atmosphere. Not only can you choose from fitted furniture but you can also look at the array of showers, screens, and enclosures. Wet rooms and leak-proof cubicles are included as well in today’s bathroom designs.

Work with a Full-Service Design Company

Maybe you are seeking an ensuite arrangement or wish to stick to a traditional look. When you can consult with a company that offers leading designs, quality products, and professional installation, you can rest easier about this type of refurbishment.

Fitted Bathrooms

Many homeowners today are opting for bathroom designs in Oxford that feature fitted bathroom furniture. Because Oxford is the centre for education, homeowners are also better educated about what works well in a bathroom’s design.

Save Space and Modernise Your Bathroom

When it comes to fitted bathrooms, homeowners can experience some significant advantages when it comes to storage. By including stylish and fitted cupboards, the room becomes more streamlined and the clutter is substantially reduced. When you save space, the bathroom also takes on a more contemporary look.

How to Revamp a Smaller-Sized Bathroom

If you want to create a feeling of openness, choose glossy walls in white and tiled flooring. Add fittings in light finishes if you want to add to the modern appeal. This type of option is often suggested for bathrooms that are smaller-sized.

A Look That Works with Any Size Bathroom or Design

Whatever you eventually select, you can revitalise your bathroom so that it looks new even if you go with a traditional plan. A mix of luxe wood and white fittings add a chic look that enhances the appearance of any type of bathroom design.

A Spa-Type Look at an Affordable Price

You can gain further insight when you review showroom designs at a place such as The Bathroom and Kitchen Studio. By choosing a fitted bathroom, too, you will find that you can realise a spa-type look at an affordable price. If you want to make sure that you can stay within your budget and you wish to plan wisely, a fitted bathroom may be in your future.

Sticking with a Neutral Look

Many customers of fitted bathrooms like the looks, as noted, of light modern bathroom designs. When you keep the scheme feeling contemporary and light, you add more value to your investment. If you want to sell your house, it is easier to do so if you take a more neutral approach. A simple bathroom can add to your home’s value as well. A simple and classic look suits a home that is traditional in design. You can break up the white in the space by including wicker baskets or dark shutters.

Panelled Doors

You might also consider panelled doors in your bathroom scheme. Panelled doors work well with both traditional and contemporary designs and give you more room in your bathroom space.

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