Great Ideas for a Character Terraced Area


If you would like to create a terraced area and your home is one of character, you must be very careful not to modernise the look of the property. Ideally, you need to source a specialist company, one that has extensive experience with listed and older properties. This type of organisation is dedicated to providing suitable solutions, and with the focus on customisation, there isn’t a situation they can’t handle.

  • French Doors –The obvious choice for easy access, French doors come in a range of styles, and whether you prefer, timber, aluminium, or a composite material, it is possible to create something unique, and with toughened safety glass as standard, the doors are sturdy as well as stylish. There are online suppliers of patio French doors, and with their design capabilities and hands-on experience, you can be sure of the ideal solution that offers easy access to your patio. Double glazed units will retain the heat in the colder months, and this also provides excellent sound insulation.

  • The Furniture – The Internet is the place to look if you want to see real variation with garden furniture, and perhaps some large umbrellas to provide shading, or even an awning, which can be styled to complement the terrace. Wrought iron is very attractive, and rattan works well in any environment, but whatever your furniture choice, remember it is exposed to the elements, so either choose a composite or treated timber.

  • Crazy Paving – This would be the perfect terrace base, as it brings a quaintness and an appealing sense of disorder, which works in a country environment. For best results, hire a landscape gardener, who, after learning your concept, would be able to construct the perfect patio.

  • Timber Decking – In the right setting, pine decking is a really attractive patio flooring, and with slats, it is easy to keep the floor clean. Hardwood is the preferred material for decking, and with a range of shades and grain patterns, one can create a unique combination.

  • Stylish Awning – The latest generation of awnings offers the homeowner effortless adjustment and total shading control, and with motorised versions that are fully retractable, one can have the best of both worlds.

  • The Lighting – Using LED solutions, it is possible to create a truly unique ambience, and with LED strips that can easily be attached to anything, lighting is only limited by your imagination. Table lamps will certainly give the terrace an al fresco feel, and with adequate screening, the area can be used all year round.

Online solutions make sourcing the right products and services very easy, and with the right design concept in mind, you can make contact with a company who can hopefully transform your idea into reality. Hand crafted timber is always an option, but if aluminium is more attractive from a practical point of view, faux wood finishes will blend with your property. There are other things you can do to make your terrace more attractive, and with some imagination, there is no limit to what you can achieve.


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