Hand-Knotted Oriental Rugs


Handmade carpets are popular all over the world because of their quality, patterns, and longevity. A hand knotted oriental rug is composed of several different components, namely warp, weft, knot, overcasting, fringe, and kilim. Basically there are three types of handmade rugs: knotted, tufted, and flat woven. Knotted carpets are further divided into Persian Knot and Turkish Knot. These two sub-types decompose into more types which will be discussed in this article.

Knot is a strand of wool which is wrapped around two adjacent warp threads (to tie them together). This knot is cut to form the pile of the carpet, which makes a carpet either flat woven or pile. Flat weave takes less time than a pile carpet and therefore are less expensive. Kilims are a popular form of flat woven oriental rugs appraisal. Soumak and Borcade are two other popular forms of flat weaving.

Coming back to Persian and Turkish Knot carpets, both these types are divided into warp strings on one and two levels. These types are characterized by the formation of knot. In the case of Persian Knot, when we say warp strings on one level, it means each know shows twice, and when discussing warp strings on two levels, it means each knot shows only once. The same goes for Turkish Knot. However, Persian Knot using warp strings on two levels is further categorized into open back and closed back rugs.

In the case of open back Persian Knot rugs, the full loop part of the knot is located on the upper warp thread, whereas closed back rug is formed when the lower warp thread contains the full loop part of the knot. Closed back rugs are popular only in China; however, open back oriental rugs are made in Pakistan, China, Iran, and India. Hand woven rugs are made by tying thousands of knots every day, but a full-sized oriental rug takes many months to come into final shape.

Hand-knotted rugs are popular because in these types of carpets every single weave is knotted and tied as compared to factory made carpets. They are more durable and long lasting and not to mention more beautiful and delicate. These carpets do not fade or deteriorate with time; instead they improve in texture and quality. Moreover, hand-knotted oriental rugs are easier to wash and take care of. As a final note, hand-knotted Persian and Turkish carpets might be more expensive than factory made rugs, but since they last longer they prove to be a better investment.

Description and Review of Kathy Ireland Area Rugs

While she is definitely pretty, Kathy Ireland is not just a pretty face. She is a talented designer of beautiful yet affordable area rugs. Kathy Ireland area rugs are of high quality but are moderately priced and are expertly manufactured. Below is a description and my own personal thoughts on the quality and appearance of Kathy Ireland area rugs.

The carpets themselves are made out of synthetic fibers that are wilton-woven. They look terrific and just as importantly, the manufacturing style assures that they are long lasting. Manufactured by the Shaw corporation, a company that has long been a leader in the manufacturing of all carpet types, these rugs are of the same high quality of all Shaw products.

The design is, of course, a matter of personal preference. I love them. They are mostly based on African and Egyptian style prints and while they are intricate, they are not too busy. The detail is amazing but there is not so much going on that it becomes unpleasant in any way. The colors are earthy and they all blend well with each other.

There are three basic lines – the Essentials, First Lady, and Gee’s Bend collections. Each has its own unique style but all are beautiful. The price varies between the lines so review the one that falls into your budget. Many of them can be bought for under $100 and the price goes up to about three hundred for the most expensive ones. There are several websites online selling them at discount rates and some that even offer free shipping.

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