Handcrafted Wooden Doors Are Sturdy and Attractive Upgrades


No other home improvement expresses elegance as succinctly as a handcrafted wooden door. The woodworking used for this type of door makes it a one-of-a-kind installation. Wooden doors can be created in the form of external and internal doors, patio doors, bifold doors, French doors, and porch doors.

Well Worth the Expense and Investment

Not only does any wooden door increase a home’s aesthetic but it also enhances the value of a property. Whether you have a door delivered or you have the portal installed, you will find that this type of upgrade will be well worth the expense and investment.

Protecting Your Investment

A custom wooden door is handcrafted to last for many years. However, just as with any type of special furnishing, it requires maintenance from time to time and proper finishing. Because a premium wooden door is handcrafted with the best wood products on the market, you will want to have it protected or painted. Most homeowners choose staining to bring out the grain and pattern of the wood.

Create a Personalised Door

The main focus of door design today is placed on customisation. Homeowners want to create wooden front doors in Willenhall in their “signature” styles. Therefore, it does not matter whether you want a tall door with a unique layout of glass panes or wish to design a door with multiple wood species, you can obtain the door that you want when a customised approach is used.

Unique Ideas for Designs

Because customisation is emphasised, many homeowners can break away from tradition. Whilst traditional swing doors are still used, remodels also include other applications. For example, a pocket door may be included in a bathroom or a sliding door may be used to access a bedroom. Each application adds its own charm or character. Pivot door designs are also gaining notice at the front entrances of homes that are contemporarily styled.

An Exciting Process and Undertaking

In addition, contemporary doors feature flush designs with clean lines. A flush door can be used to create a distinctive and uncluttered look. You can choose one or more of a number of wood species for your wooden door or pick from a variety of glass layouts as well. Regardless of the look that you finally achieve, you will find that handcrafting makes choosing a door an exciting process and undertaking.

Some of the Popular Wood Species

Some of the popular woods that are used to design and build wooden doors include cherry, knotty pine, maple, red oak, Douglas fir, clear alder, white oak, hickory, bamboo, and Ponderosa pine. If you are going for a lighter-looking wood, choose bamboo or Ponderosa pine. You might also like white birch or poplar.

Make a Selection for a Wooden Door Today

Wood species that offer a richer and grainier appearance include red oak, mahogany, knotty alder, and walnut. Whatever your choice in a wood, you will find that you will discover a pattern and colour that will enhance the exterior or interior of your home’s design. Speak to a representative today about stylising a wooden door or doors for your property.


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