Having the Carpet Professionally Cleaned


The overwhelming majority of us have carpet in our houses and bring out the vacuum cleaner from time to time to give it a clean-up, though even with a good vacuum cleaner, getting all of the dirt and dust out is extremely difficult. Manufacturers understand that a clean carpet looks better, lasts longer and by removal of allergens, has health benefits also. There are a number of options we can choose to clean our carpets, with each offering different methods and benefits.

Steam Cleaning

Generally speaking, steam is not used in this process, which is better known as a hot water extraction system, although an industrial cleaning process using steam is possible. Often the carpet will be pre-treated with various agents to break down stains, before hot water, often with cleaning chemicals is sprayed into the carpet. This gets to the base of the carpet and breaks down dirt and dust, which is simultaneously vacuumed back up again. Many carpet manufacturers think this is the most effective deep carpet cleaning method, although it may take some time for the carpet to be fully dry.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning of carpets isn’t normally completely dry, relying on a “very low moisture” system, using dry compounds, assisted by the application of cleaning solutions. This is becoming more popular, due to its very rapid drying time, an important factor for commercial locations. It is also often faster to actually clean than the steam cleaning method, with significant benefits being that dry chemical compounds, do not attract dirt, unlike wet ones, and dry cleaning chemicals generally put less stress on the carpet.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

A cleaning foam blanket is applied to the surface of a carpet after being dry cleaned and after about 10 minutes vacuumed out. It is good for removing grease and may also use protectants and colour brighteners.

Vacuum Wash

Vacuum washing sprays water without detergent and immediately sucks it out again, allowing dirt to be extracted from deep within the carpet, and as the water is suctioned out immediately, allows for very fast drying times.


Encapsulation works by using speciality detergent polymers, which when applied dry, bind the detergent molecules and dirt in a brittle crystalline structure, which can then be easily vacuumed out. The clean fibres are also coated with the film, reducing the fibres ability to soak in further dirt and oils.

Choosing the Best Option

Any carpet cleaning company near me, or you, can provide you with more detailed information on the above and other options for cleaning your carpets and protecting them for the future. In addition to the method for cleaning, professional companies will also carry a range of specialised products for treating problem, stained and high traffic areas, which are normally significantly dirtier. Pre-treatment in many areas is recommended, before the main cleaning process.

Products are also available to protect the carpet after cleaning, making them more resistant to collecting dirt and providing good levels of stain protection. Anyone who has ever spilt a glass of red wine, understands how important that can be. Talk to your local professional for the best option for you.



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