Hiring a Swimming Pool Maintenance Company


We all seem to be leading busier lives so it’s no surprise that some of us are now outsourcing certain aspects of them, leaving ourselves with more free time to do the things we actually want to.

This is increasingly the case with basic household maintenance tasks, one of which is pool cleaning. If you’ve ever considered whether a pool maintenance company is right for your needs, read on and we’ll help with your decision.

How Long Does It Take to Clean and Maintain a Pool?

That would depend on its size as well as any bespoke requirements that need to be taken into account. What we can say is that 6 hours a month is a reasonable figure. Now just think what you could do with that extra time.

A breakdown of this duration could include:

  • 4 hours of pool cleaning. This will include for weekly cleaning with the use of specialist tools and equipment which you might not have access to. If you were to DIY, we would imagine it taking up to twice as long.
  • 2 hours of chemical and water balance treatment. This will include for balancing the PH levels of the pools water, making sure it isn’t too acidic or alkaline. Any other chemicals which need to be added such as a shock treatment for an extra boost of cleaning power will also be done.

Of course, none of this takes into account the time taken to actually go to a swimming pool store to buy these supplies and pieces of equipment. You could easily double your maintenance duration allocation with taking the time to source what you need.

Maintenance Supplies Storage

Hopefully you’ll have a big enough garage to store all of these chemicals and equipment. If not, you’ll likely have to store them outside which isn’t ideal in terms of protection from the elements.

A pool cleaner will bring all of this equipment with them each time they visit your property, leaving your garage clear and free for whatever else you need to store in it.

Pool Cleaning Costs

If in fact you do have plenty of time on your hands, you might be swayed by the amount of money you could save in repair costs from not cleaning your pool properly or regularly enough.

Hiring a pool cleaner doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll pay for the materials that you have used as well as a labour charge for the cleaner’s time. We would suggest you obtain quotations and run a cost comparison to see just how much you could save in the long run.

Buying Pool Cleaning Supplies

If you really do want to clean your pool yourself, that is ok too. If you don’t already have a source of cleaning products, you might want to place an order online or through your local pool supplier. Low cost swimming pool supplies are readily available so you will be well catered for, for all of your maintenance needs. You might even find a few nice swimming pool accessories to make your pool even more of a joy to use.

Whether you do it yourself or you hire a specialist company to do it for you, pool maintenance goes hand in hand with pool ownership so keep on top of it.

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