Hottest interior design trends of 2018 so far


We may be halfway through 2018 but some interior design trends are breaking out all over the place and we will be able to look back at some of these trends and say “THAT was the look for 2018!”

More people are getting their style inspirations and themes from their social media feeds and Pinterest is leading the way as the headquarters for design and style ideas for the public and fashion sectors alike. Earlier this year the site released it’s Pinterest 100 report which revealed the most popular searches on it’s site for different terms to reveal what people were going to be looking for in 2018 and what design trends were going to breakthrough and into people’s homes this year.

Show-stopping doors

Searches on Pinterest for “colourful doors” increased by 121% this year alone. People want to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to their homes with splashes of neon colour, radiant frames and bright, striking beams and supports to indicate that the door is the gateway to everything that is happening in a home.

If you want to dynamite your doors with a colour explosion then the bifold shop is a destination you will want to visit. With over 200 colour choices to decorate their bifold and patio doors, you can find the perfect match for any taste or theme.

Spa Bathrooms

Maybe the effect of spending more time in relaxing spas and pampered surroundings has finally seeped through to the home but  the idea of a bathroom spa in the household has skyrocketed among Pinterest fans. A huge 269% increase in “bathroom spa” has seen people trying to recreate ultimate relaxation in their own home with the idea of Jacuzzi baths, sandstone tiles and minimalist accent notes to accompany them.

Pattern Plants

House Plants have crept back into homes and design ideas this year with one variety “pattern plants” up a staggering 533% in Pinterest searches. These are the plants with vibrant patterned leaves that juxtapose with their surroundings to create fascinating accents.

As well as being very cost effective, keeping the plants in a cool indoor atmosphere might have been the smart  choice in this year of a record-breaking heat wave in the Summer months.

Statement Ceilings

Remember a few years ago when it was only Irish style pubs that had baskets, lobster pots, street signs and other paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling? People must have been nostalgic for the days when O’Neill’s strode the land like a Celtic colossus because “statement ceiling” searches were up 310%.

If you aren’t a fan of wicker or iron above your head, you can still make a statement ceiling with bold patterns and colours to make it the standout feature of any room.

Earthy Neutrals

Sage isn’t just a herb to decorate Mediterranean dishes, it can be the perfect accent colour to transform a home’s vibe into one of relaxed siestas and cool evening coastal breezes.

A welcome change to pure white or beige, Sage brings its understated green with grey undertones into the mainstream. Combined with patterned plants and dark woods, it can bridge and soften the space between any pieces. If you are a fan of this theme then also look at olive or jade as a different shade of green although the only envious looks will be from your friends who see how your living space is bang on trend.

Dark woods

The balsa backlash has begun! Bleached and light Scandinavian wood is down in sales and searches as another seventies stalwart comes back into the public consciousness. Terrazzo tiles are coming back and so are dark wood furniture pieces both as tables, shelves and seats.  By adding mahogany, dark oak or textured walnut into a room brings gravitas, depth and a sense of weight helping to anchor the room firmly in the here and now.


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