How Air Hoses Have Changed the World


Hoses are so common that we often don’t realist it when we’re using one. They’re found in cars, planes, buildings and so much more. Most households have at least one, probably rolled up and held together by string or in its own purpose-built container. Household hoses are often brightly colored while their industrial cousins are usually black or grey. Some, like a lay flat hose, cover long distances when they’re uncoiled while others are compressed like slinkys, springing back to their original shape when we’ve finished with them. But no matter where they are, or what their colour or shape is – air hoses all perform vital functions. They’ve changed our world.

Three Reasons We Need Air Hoses

  1. Can you imagine a fire service that couldn’t spray water on flames? What would they do? We’d need a queue of fighters, one after the other, charging at the flames with buckets of water. It’s crazy! But with a rubber water hose, firefighters can attack almost any fire with a continuous stream of water until the flames have been doused. Think how many lives have been saved by the introduction of something as simple as a rubber hose?
  2. We see air hoses for sale in such diverse places as supermarkets, DIY stores, corner shops and online. Why do so many companies sell them? Because everyone needs a hose for something, that’s why. With the right air hose fittings attached, we can wash our cars, water our plants or clean our windows. There aren’t many garages or cupboards in the country that doesn’t have at least one hose tucked away but within easy reach.
  3. So many of the hoses we use are well hidden. We don’t even know we’re using them. Think of air conditioning systems? How could they possibly work without hoses? And what about the radiator hose? How else could we supply our heating units with hot water? The car? Can you think of another way that an engine can be replenished with coolant and water? Without the simple but dependable hose, we’d be sitting in uncomfortably hot or cold rooms; shivering in winter and be unable to use our cars.

So, the next time you look at a hose, stop and think about how useful this simple and seemingly boring object really is. It’s been around since before we could write about it. The hose saves us from fire and controls the temperature in our homes. It keeps us clean and helps us move around in our cars, trains and planes. It has so many uses that we forget how much we need it. How could we ever live without it? Long live the hose!

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