How Can Wooden Window Frames Be Repaired?


Wooden window frames look consummately stylish and they can be a great asset to your home when they are in good condition. However, you might have noticed that the windows have started to develop some problems.

These problems can be fixed for a very reasonable price. Firstly, the technician will have to carry out a full inspection to identify what the issue is. Several things can affect wooden window frames:

  • Loose Frames
  • Moisture In The Timber
  • Woodworm
  • Rotten Sills
  • Broken Sash Cord

All of these problems are manageable and a timber window repair in Scotland will be offered by an experienced technician. They will aim to have the job completed as soon as possible so that you can get on with the rest of your day. What are the different ways that the problems can be repaired?

Loose Frames Replaced

Frames can become loose over time as the wood begins to weaken. The loose frames can let draughts and moisture into the house, which is not going to make your house a very pleasant environment. Loose frames can also be a security risk.

The technician will make sure that the entire frame is replaced or reinforced. Then you will not have to deal with the loose frames any longer.

Moisture In The Timber

Moisture can seep into the timber and cause problems. You might notice that the wood is giving off a particular smell. When you notice that there has been a change in the timber, contact a frame repair technician.

They will identify the moisture in the timber and then they will be able to replace everything in an efficient way. Moisture inside the house can cause problems, so it is important that the work is carried out as soon as possible.


Woodworm is a rare occurrence in modern homes, but you still need to be on the lookout for this particular issue. Woodworm will burrow into the timber and then eat away. The repair technician will be able to decide whether the existing timber can be salvaged. They will treat the wood to make sure that all of the woodworms are removed and you are left with a fully-functioning frame.

Rotten Sills

When the sills have become rotten, this is because moisture has caused the windowsills to fall apart. This is not going to be a problem because the sills can be repaired or totally replaced. Then the windows will be in top condition.

Broken Sash Cord

Sash windows are controlled by weights which are moved on a pulley system. When the sash cord is broken, the window is not going to work properly. The sash cord can be replaced completely so that the window can be operated successfully.

Your windows can develop various problems but all of them can be fixed in a timely manner by a fully qualified professional. You can retain the details of the same technician to do multiple jobs for you.

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