How different is Commercial Cleaning from Deep Cleaning?


Cleaning a home or a workplace is not easy business. People often pay someone or do it themselves but are not pleased with the outcomes. Employing an expert company is the best answer when it comes to thorough cleaning of the space, be it commercial or a house situation. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

People often do not know the main differences between commercial cleaning and deep cleaning and get confused with the two. We have broken it down for you – what is commercial cleaning and what is deep cleaning? Let’s read more to find out.

Deep Cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your property, house or space. It includes dusting of the floor, fans and lights cleaning, mopping and cleaning of walls.

When do you need to deep clean?

  1. Planning to move out of your house
  2. Getting ready to sell your home
  3. Relocating into a new home
  4. Trimestral cleaning
  5. Pre & post an occasion at home

It covers parts which aren’t usually covered by a regular clean. It is generally proportional to the time it takes for the whole cleaning process to be complete.

Most regular cleaning is done for 2-3 hours a week. A deep clean of a two room house can take a cleaning team of 3 up to 8 hours, depending upon the size of the house.

Commercial cleaning is cleaning done by a qualified cleaning company. A business that employs expert and trained cleaners who use specialized technology to sterilize and disinfect commercial buildings and they include:

  1. Offices
  2. R&D Facilities
  3. Medical & Healthcare Facilities
  4. Schools
  5. F&B Departments
  6. Commercial Kitchens
  7. Industrial

Commercial work is done by the company on a regular basis – weekly or monthly, depending upon the requirement.

Features of a dedicated commercial cleaning company

  • Understanding of the field of commercial cleaning
  • Qualified staff
  • Expert tools and equipment used
  • Tailored client service
  • Cost and excellence assurances
  • Organized worksheet and well-timed output

Your office or home is your individuality. To keep it looking best all the time, we provide commercial and deep cleaning services of the highest values supported by our trained specialists who recognize your exclusive requirements.

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