How Long After Power Washing Can You Stain A Fence?


How long after power washing can you stain a fence, for the purpose of keeping it stained for a nice fresh look? That question is not hard to answer. Trying to clean just to maintain your fence before trying to stain it is just as important as washing your car. Things get dirty all the time, and trying to keep materials that will last is important, while keeping its beauty as you see fit. However, the answer to how long after power washing can you stain a fence is usually at least two days.

The thing to remember is that before you decide to stain a fence, you should make sure your power washer successfully removes all dirt and mildew that may have been stuck or embedded on its surface, especially if it has been sitting there for a long time. The power washer needs to get the wood fence stain surface as clean as it can be, just to get the stain on by looking great. What you do not want to see is any kind of old dirt or mold that the power washer may have missed, before you stain it.

When using a power washer, the good news is if the fence has been previously stained a while back, it will remove almost all the existing coat of the old seal. When you are ready to stain your fence, it will let you have a fresh start with a new stain.

Two days before you start to stain your fence, you should make sure it is completely dry. This time is recommended since the fence would need direct sunlight, especially if the weather is dry and warm. The higher the warmth, the better for the stain.

No matter how long or big your fence is, you should make sure to inspect thoroughly the whole fence before staining begins. This is important because when you touch its surface after you start to stain it, it needs to be dry to the touch. In any event, the fence, after a stain, feels damp or spongy, it is still retaining moisture which means that the fence is taking a longer time to dry, although you may not need to apply any more stain to it. Just let it dry for a longer time.

A professional do-it-yourself way to stain wood fence that is dry and clean is to use a good deck sealant – although they are used for decks, it will work well for his fence. If you decide to use a water-based stain, the process and clean-up is very easy, and it does not give off a bad smell which could affect your lungs. This stain is very easy to apply on the fence, which, over time, will show off its nice look from the outside.

There are good techniques for staining a wood fence after cleaning it with a pressure washer. One of the top methods is using an airless paint sprayer and a stain brush.

Even by taking your time on a nice sunny day, spraying it can be fast, even if you are not on a schedule to get it done in one day. A good point to keep in mind is that although the fence does not need to be completely dry at once, if you use a water-based stain, it will dry quicker compared to a regular stain for a fence. This is important if you are pressed for time to get a fence stain job done within a certain time frame.

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