How Many Amps Does a Spa Need?


When you start browsing for a spa for your home or business, you’ll notice many different specifications. If you’ve never bought a spa before, it can be very difficult to discern what each specification means. The most common specifications you see range from the power of the jets, the number of seats, to the amperage. You’ll likely see 13 or 32 amps; this is one of the most important spa choices you will have to make. But what does that mean exactly?

13 or 32 Amps

Hot tubs typically come in 13 amp varieties or 32 amp varieties. Amperage is a measure of the amount of power contained in an electrical charge. Voltage is the amount of electricity, but not the amount of power. 13 amps is the normal amount of power that is delivered from an outlet in most homes. A 32 amp supply is obviously a much more powerful supply of electricity. If you have never had a spa installed at your home before, or never had a 32-amp spa, you might need a special installation to deliver the appropriate amount of power to your spa.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between 13-amp spas and 32-amp spas generally comes down to the size of the heating element and the number of pumps. A 13-amp spa generally has a two kilowatt heater; if your spa is inside or under a patio roof, that’s probably sufficient to quickly heat the water. If your spa is outside, you might need 32 amps. A 32-amp spa will generally have a three kilowatt heater. That heater will heat the water about 50% faster than the smaller heater. It will also more efficiently maintain the temperature of the water.

Once the water has reached the proper temperature, it begins rapidly cooling. Therefore, the heater will need to cycle on and off from time to time to keep the water at the proper temperature. A larger heater obviously does this more effectively.

Finally, the more powerful spas will generally have multiple pumps. These pumps are responsible for pumping water into the jets. If you have a single pump, you will have to have fewer jets or lower pressure going to your jets.

Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the right spa is a matter of desires. If you want a spa that is easy to install and more affordable, you should choose 13 amps. If you want a spa that warms up faster and accommodates more jets, you need 32 amps. Also, if you want a spa that can be placed outside on a very cold day, you need 32 amps. These are just a few of the considerations you will have to think about. There are other specifications that will adjust how you choose your spa.

One of the most important developments to spas is actually electronic components. Newer spas often have programmable filtration schedules, audio systems, Bluetooth controls, and much more. These are just as important as the amperage because they help you enjoy yourself while you’re in your spa. Be sure to run through all of these different criteria before you make your choice.

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