How Much Storage Space Do You Need


Estimating how much storage space you need can be difficult. There are several different things to consider and several different factors that will affect how much storage space you actually have. One of them is the height of your storage unit.


The height of the storage unit is very important. You can store vertically as well as horizontally but only if you plan for that. If you are planning to utilise the entire amount of space in your unit, you need to make sure that you use sturdy cardboard boxes or even plastic boxes. That way, you’ll be able to stack the boxes and utilise the vertical space.

  • A shipping container is a great storage unit; they are weatherproof and very reliable.
  • They’re designed to withstand journeys overseas exposed to the elements; they can definitely store your items.
  • A 20-foot storage unit offers you about 160 square feet of storage. How many units do you need from a self-storage company in Pontefract?

160 Square Feet

160 square feet is about enough space to store a small house or a two-bedroom flat. It will offer you enough room to put a few mattresses, several boxes, and some furniture. If you have a lot of appliances, a motorcycle, or some garden equipment, you’ll likely need another storage unit. If you do not have a lot of furniture, you can often fit a larger house into a 160 square foot storage unit. Furthermore, furniture that you can stack will take up much less space.


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