How to Become a Competent DIY Enthusiast


If you have a neighbour who seems to be able to build anything, and you feel a slight pang of envy, it isn’t that difficult to get started, and with the many benefits that DIY offers, it’s easy to understand why more and more UK homeowners are going down the DIY road. Obviously, it helps if you have had some practical experience working with your hands, but all you really need is a few basic tools and a desire to learn.

  • A Good Tool Kit – This is absolutely essential, and if you are unsure as to what constitutes a good set of tools, think carpentry, plumbing and brickwork, and you would have most things covered. Tools can be divided into two categories, power and hand tools, and modern solutions focus on power, with screwdrivers and saws that take the physical effort out of the work. There are online suppliers of such equipment, and an online search will direct you to a reputable retailer. You are advised to buy quality tools for obvious reasons, and by gradually adding to the collection, over time, you will have everything you need.
  • Timber Supplier – Once you are armed with the right tools, you will need a timber supplier, and there are online companies who will saw and plane all types of timber to precise measurements, so you can begin by putting together furniture in a kit form, and with so many YouTube tutorials, you will soon get the hang of things. If you happen to live in Essex, there are affordable timber supplies in Basildon, and they have a wide range of quality timbers, plasterboard, and screws and nails.
  • Online Tutorials – Start with something simple, like a chest of drawers or a table, and with some searching, you can easily locate many good tutorials that will guide you through the process of building an item of furniture. Hanging doors is another skill to be acquired, and as you become more confident, your projects can increase in difficulty level, until there is nothing you cannot do. Carpentry is very satisfying, and with your own workshop in the garden, there’s no limit to what you can do. For brickwork, you could start with some retaining walls in the garden, although composite materials are recommended, with things like plasterboard and veneer, making for a durable finish that is easy to work with.
  • Sourcing Building Materials – This can easily be achieved with Google as your partner, and the local builders merchant can deliver sand and cement to order, or if you prefer the convenience of ready mixed concrete, even better. Everything you could possibly need is available online, which makes sourcing simple, and with favourable prices, you won’t be stretching your budget too much.

The Internet had changed the way we live our lives, and anyone that wants to develop carpentry or building skills has a free online source of tutorials that take you through each step of the project, and aside from the money you will save on home improvements, you also have the feeling of pride that comes with DIY home improvements.

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