How to Ensure the Security of Your Shop


Shopfronts are constantly vulnerable to acts of vandalism and break ins, which is why it’s important to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place. There are certain deterrents you can employ to reduce the likelihood of damage to your store and prevent break ins altogether. On the other hand, if you are subject to a break in, then it is important that you restore your property’s security as quickly as possible. Any security breaches to your business can cause a disastrous hit to your income, so it is important that they are taken seriously. Here are some of the best ways that you can maintain the safekeeping of your shopfront.

Install Security Screens

Security screens are as much a deterrent as they are a protective layer. When would-be burglars are seeking a target, they aim for the properties which will be easiest to enter, so by installing a metal screen or window bars you can prevent your shop from being selected.

Fix Any Breakages Right Away

If you do suffer from a break-in or an act of vandalism such as a smashed window, you should seek to fix the problem right away. Broken glass compromises the security of your shop, leaving it vulnerable to intrusions, and also encourages further vandalism. If you have a broken pane that needs fixing, there is an experienced glazier in Perth WA who boasts one of the fastest response times in the area, meaning that you can secure your property as quickly as possible. Likewise, if there is any damage to your door’s locking mechanism, you should have this looked at immediately so that you can maintain the security of your shopfront.

Don’t Leave Valuables on Display

Another thing that can prompt burglaries is leaving valuables on display. If your business sells expensive items such as jewellery, it is best to empty your window display overnight. This will diminish the temptation for people to break in and steal these items. Even if you sell enticing products such as alcohol, it may be best to leave these out of plain sight so as not to provoke any attempts on your property.

Set an Alarm

An excellent way to ensure you are alerted of any security breaches is to install a burglar alarm. These can be programmed with a code so that any unauthorised entries set off an ear-piercing alarm, which will not only deter the intruder but can also be used to alert the police. This is a great way to prevent robberies and ensure the authorities reach the scene as quickly as possible in the event of a break in.


Another good way to both deter and catch intruders is by installing CCTV cameras. This is another thing that prospective burglars look out for, so it could well deter them from targeting your property. In case of a break in, CCTV footage can be invaluable in catching the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

If you are the owner of a shop, then the correct security measures are essential to ensure the safety of your property and your livelihood. By taking the precautions laid out above, you can stand the best chance of maintaining a safe and secure shopfront.

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