How to Select the Perfect Fireplace Mantel


Unsurprisingly, the centuries old design of the traditional fireplace has once again become a very favoured type of room and home heating source. And alongside such beautiful fireplaces, all types of mantels are getting lots of attention and being selected from a wide range of homeowners these days in Yorkshire.

It matters not if you are renovating a room or having a new home built, if you are lucky enough, you will find yourself in the possession of a great looking new fireplace and mantel.

Making the Perfect Choice

Below are some nuggets of good advice to help you choose the perfect mantel for your perfect fireplace and home:

  • As you are well aware, fireplaces can come in a wide range of various heights and widths.
  • Either take a photo and show it to the people you will be dealing with, or get someone from the company to come over and measure up your fireplace area.
  • Once this has been achieved you will then be shown exactly what is available in terms of size and design.
  • This will then help you to focus on mantels that are the perfect proportion for Electric Fire places in Yorkshire
  • Try thinking along the lines of a style that blends in and nicely suits the overall fireplace area itself.
  • The heavyset wooden mantel type will usually look really nice with large brick fireplaces in a living room, whilst something smaller looks perfect for a smaller room such as a bedroom fireplace.

The most important thing that you should try to consider is that a fireplace mantel is perfectly able to blend in well with the other architectural features in the room, as well as connecting with the style of furnishings in that room already.

  • If, for example, the one being installed is a small and plain type of mantel, and the room has an environment of decorative chairs, floorboards and skirting, it just looks totally out of place and unsightly.
  • In such surroundings, try using a mantel that will correctly enhance what’s already there, and don’t upset the room’s balance.

These Days There Are More Designs than Ever before

And yes, while it is obviously always a good idea to have a general idea in mind for a brand new fireplace mantel, before you make a purchase, make sure you have covered all of your options checked out all of the latest designs.

  • Nowadays, there is such a wide range of designs, so do the research, go online and check out a reliable company and see exactly check out what they have to offer in terms of design, quality and service.

Plus, remember that you will be sharing the very same home as the fireplace and mantel for many years to come, so select one that will still be looking just as good in the future, as it does from the day you purchased it and had it fitted!

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