How to Set Up Security Lighting at Your House


If you have a house or a business, you need to make sure you are keeping it secure. There are ways to secure your house or office. A fence or gate is a great way to discourage intruders. Also, installing an alarm is a great option. However, many people forget how useful it could be to install lighting. You can call an electrician to install security lighting on your property. Most criminals are opportunists who do not have sophisticated plans to avoid being detected. If a light comes on while they are trying to break into your house, many of them will be instantly deterred.

Deterring Criminals

Security lighting is a great way to deter criminals. The best electricians in Sheffield can install security lighting at your home or office.

  • Most security lighting is motion-activated; when someone passes by the motion sensor, the light will come on.
  • This is a great way to deter crime since it will expose someone on your property during the night.
  • You can also have lights that come on and remain on regardless of motion detection; these types of spotlights are very useful for businesses that want to highlight their signs or storefronts even at night.


You need to call electricians to install your security lighting since the electrical load of security lighting can be very high. Most exterior lights are very powerful lights that use a lot of electricity to run. The electrician needs to assess whether your existing circuits can handle it or if new circuits need to be run to the exterior of your house or business.

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