How to Spoil Your Laminate Floor


One of the popular flooring options for house renovations nowadays that adds beauty and value, reproducing the look of expensive hardwood at rather low price and maintenance is laminate. As it isn’t as resilient as hardwood, fades over time and has shorter lifecycle, the main issue is to maintain laminate flooring properly. Find out here the most typical mistakes made with laminate floors and how to correct them.

– Too much water

The problem with laminate flooring is that too much water or other liquids seeps in between planks and causes its swelling, damaging laminate surface. Be careful not using tons of water, for regular cleaning use dry or dust mop. Spray only necessary quantity on a section of the floor you mop. If you leave behind a spot with a lot of water or liquid, dry it.

– Type of Mop

Choose such type that doesn’t slather additional water all over the floor. Rag mops aren’t excellent idea comparing with sponge ones. Check that the chosen mop is only damp and not sopping wet.

– Wrong Cleaners

The fanciest-looking and the trendiest bottle of cleaner can dull the look of floors, if you overuse it and don’t follow the usage instructions. Besides, excess of soap leaves residue behind. Only good dusting or light wet mopping is often the best way of cleaning.

  • Streaks

A streaky laminate floor even after mopping is a typical complaint. Change cleaner or lessen its amount. Buff the floors dry with an absorbent towel after each mopping.

-Vacuuming or sweeping

A laminate floor requires regular cleaning as dirt scratches and dulls its finish. However, improper sweeping/ vacuuming can do even more damage than dirt itself. Using a vacuum cleaner with the brush roll on can scratch the surface of your floor. Try more gentle clean microfiber dust mop instead of bristle brooms.

  • Furniture Damage

Protect the floor from scuffing and gouging with furniture pads on the bottoms of heavy furniture.

– Plants

Overfilling your potted plants may leak onto the floor. Use a pad for protection under the pots, be extra careful with watering and moving the plants.

  • Pets

Pet food and water dishes also cause problems that are easily solved with using special pads. Don’t forget to clip your pet’s claws regularly.

  • Sunlight

Regular high sunlight portions fade out sections of laminate flooring. Use blinds or curtains.

Follow these simple rules if you are not ready for new house renovations!

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