Hung Sash Windows


Sash windows are becoming more and more popular throughout the design industry and throughout the country as a whole again, after having early success back in the Georgian and Victorian eras, but what are they and how do you go about choosing them?

Sash windows, or hung sash windows as they might be referred to, are made of one or more movable panels (aka ‘sashes’) that create a frame fit to hold a panel of glass that are often separated from other panes by glazing bar.  Any window with this style of glazing is technically a sash window, but the term is pretty much exclusively used to refer to windows where the glazed panels are open by sliding them vertically.

So now we have cleared up what a sash window is, we now move on to discuss briefly how you would go about choosing the right ones for you.

Firstly, you need to take a look at the project you are undertaking and decide where you want these windows to go, and measure the appropriate space.

Secondly, you need to consider the time it will take to have them constructed so that you can plan your project around them being delivered and fitted.

Thirdly, do some research on companies that can create them for you, check feedback from previous customers, and check on prices.  Remember that cheap prices are not necessarily a good thing.  A good saying to think of at this time is ‘you get what you pay for’.  Sure, you might pay a bit more than you’d like now, but the results will show when your windows last and maintain a lot longer than cheaper ones you would have purchased, or have perhaps purchased in the past.

Sash windows can be created by many companies, but what you really want is a company that specialise in them and have people that have a passion for the industry creating them for you.  One such company is ran by John Ellis who has nearly 40 years of experience in the craft, and runs a company called London Box Sash, which can be found at so this sash window company are a great choice.

If you are requiring sash windows, have a chat with John and the team who will take down your initial requirements and then endeavour to call you back at a convenient time to discuss these in more details to ensure that you are really getting what is required, as there is nothing worse than expecting quality to find out it’s not what you required after all.

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