Improved Security And Other Advantages Of Roller Garage Doors


Roller doors are a convenient solution for any garage in need of a new door. More versatile than ever, you can order custom doors to fit any size garage. While this versatility is great, there are more advantages to replacing an old door with a roller door.

Keep the Contents of Your Garage Secure

A garage is only as secure as the doors and windows. If the existing door is showing signs of wear and tear or if the locking mechanism no longer works, it is time for a replacement.

A newly installed roller door constructed from durable aluminium will help protect your vehicle and any belongings stored inside. You also have several options that can improve security.

Choose between a comb-locking mechanism or dual-locking bars to secure the door. Both options enhance the safety of your roller garage in Newton Abbot. Additional reinforcement is available with the installation of a bottom rail.

No Internal Track Is Necessary

A roller door saves space. Unlike a sectional garage door or a single-panel garage door, there is no internal track. The roller door rolls up in the roller assembly, which is installed in the garage above the door. This takes up less space than an internal track, providing more ceiling clearance.

Insulated Roller Doors Improve Insulation

Using insulated roller doors, you can keep heat from escaping the garage. If the garage is heated with the rest of the home, this extra insulation can reduce energy use. With extra insulation, you may end up with a lower energy bill.

The weatherproof design of these doors can also keep the elements from getting inside. Rain and snow are less likely to penetrate the inside of your garage, especially if equipped with a rubber seal or bottom rail.

Roller Doors Are Durable

Compared to single-panel doors and other options, roller doors are better suited for tough weather. The aluminium material is less likely to get damaged or show signs of wear due to exposure to the elements. The strength of these doors not only protects against weather but it also adds to the security of your garage.

Automated Door Options Are Available

Automated door openers are available for roller garages. Instead of getting out of the car, opening the door, and getting back in the car, you can simply press a button. This convenience is most welcome during a cold winter day.

It is hard to ignore the practical benefits of choosing a roller door for your garage. For your next home improvement project, think about installing a roller door or replacing your existing door. This simple investment can provide additional security along with a durable solution for securing the contents of your garage.

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