Is Your Roof Old and Leaky?


When moisture becomes a problem in your house, it is usually due to rising damp, condensation, or leaking. If your roof is leaking, you need to replace the roof before you experience structural problems in your home.

Structural Problems That Emerge From a Faulty Roof

Structural problems can represent the following:

  • Problems with mould and mildew
  • Drywall or plaster deterioration
  • Foundation issues

Flat and Pitched Roofs

Roofs come in various styles and are installed on various buildings in the UK. The major roof styles are flat and pitched. Whilst flat roofs are mainly featured on businesses, pitched roofs are normally found on dwellings. Eco-friendly roofs are also available that can help a property owner save on his or her energy bills. This type of roof is also sustainable.

Reduce What You Spend for Energy

If you want to reduce your energy costs, you need to seriously consider the eco-friendly roofs that are available for sale. If you wish to increase the thermal value of your property, installing this type of roof provides the ideal solution.

Grade-One and Grade-Two Listed Buildings

Affordable roofers in Leeds also offer roof installations for Heritage-listed properties. You can have a roof installed on a grade-one or grade-two listed building. When roofs are placed on these structures, contractors must make sure that all the individual requirements are met and that the roof is customised as requested.

Whether your roof is flat or pitched, you need to make sure that all your roofing requirements are met. That is why it is best to depend on the full services of quality roofing specialists.



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