Key Tips to Give Your Home A Facelift


A tired exterior can really bring down the mood of a house, not to mention its value. Flaking paintwork, grubby walls and aging fittings all indicate a lack of care and attention. Regardless of how modern or impressive your interior might be, a neglected façade can be hard to overcome in the minds of your guests, which is why this should be a key consideration in your renovation. Inside the home, attention to detail tends to let many of us down. As wear and tear builds, we become overwhelmed by what to tackle next, and end up putting off what could be quick and easy jobs for another day. Whether you are planning to sell, or you’re just sick of the sight of your worn-down home, here are 3 key investments that will make a world of difference.


Repainting the exterior of your house might be the simplest and most effective way to give it a quick and easy facelift. Whether it’s just the front door and the window frames, or the entire frontage, a lick of paint will do wonders for the overall look of your house, brightening it up and making it more inviting. Repainting your front door is a very simple way to reinvent your home’s exterior with minimal effort. Go for a traditional Painswick green front door for a real feel of country style, or a deep maroon for a classic timeless look. Inside your home, painting the entrance hall can similarly lift the feel of your home from the moment you enter. Throughout the house, it is advisable to paint over any scuffs or mismatched patches on the walls to ensure a fresh and polished look.

Replacing the Windows

If your window fittings are tired and worn, it may be time for a refit. Not only does this improve the outlook of your home, it also removes the need to paint the frames, and even more importantly makes your home a more comfortable place to live in. Replacing your old, ineffective windows with brand new insulated ones will save you eons on heating bills whilst also ensuring that your home remains warm throughout winter. Providers such as Premier Windows offer modern window fittings in a range of styles to fit the architectural era of your home, allowing you to modernise without causing detriment to the overall design. If your local council places regulations on your street, styles can also be found to adhere to these strict government requirements.

Update Your Fittings

With styles constantly changing, bathroom and kitchen fittings tend to age the fastest, quickly becoming retro or dated. If you can’t afford to have a complete refit, why not update your style with smaller touches, such as matching towels, new dish wear, or even by updating small aspects of the fittings like the faucets or doorknobs. Little touches like this can elegantly pull the room into the modern era.

If your house is feeling tired and dated, then a facelift has probably been a long time coming. Why not start with the small things and build your way up. If you’re proactive about it, you’re sure to be on your way to a beautiful home in no time.

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