Light Up Your Faucets With Blue And Red Colors


One way to give interesting look to your single white colored bathroom is by adding some bright colors to it. For adding even more elegance to it, you can install the latest innovation in taps, sinks and faucets industry, LED Rainfall Shower Head, this showerhead has the ability to make your faucet look like a party zone with its bright emitted colors.

The beast part about these LED faucets is that they get automatically activated as soon as you turn your faucet on and operates by water pressure, meaning that it will automatically get deactivated as soon as the tap is turned off. There is also temperature alert LED light, warning you of the temperature and will change color from blue top red if the temperature gets anything above 89 degree Celsius. That is why it is highly suggested to install this tool if you have children in your home, because it acts like a warning alert light for telling the user of the water temperature. This LED light faucet can be fitted into almost all existing faucet nozzles (US as well as UK sizes). Operating principle of this device is simple, it gets automatically switched on when it detects water pressure upon it and makes the water glow blue owing to the fact that default color of light is blue.

This light can be operated using 3 batteries of specification AG13. What you have to do is just attach it at the end of faucet nozzle and let the lights glow water blue when tap is turned. Based on almost same working principles is the LED shower head. It comes in size of 2.25 inches while the standard size of faucet nozzle is diameter of 1.5 inches. When you are bathing and temperature of water starts increasing above the threshold of 89 degrees Celsius, it will change its color from blue to red instantly, warning you of scorching hot water.

Following are some points that make this hardware accessory worth installing in your bathroom:

  1. To make this device work, you just need some water pressure, that’s all.
    2. Features temperature sensor, that turns the color of light emitted from blue to red as soon as water temperature crosses the threshold of 89 degrees Centigrade.
    3. Device automatically turns itself off when water pressure is released, that is the faucet is turned off.
    4. Features 3 colored LED lights (Green, Blue and Red) that last longer.
    5. Operates using 3 AG13 batteries.
    6. Adapter for fitting in with most available faucets. This adapter is included in the package.
    7. Size is about 2.25 inches, and diameter of about 1.5 inches.
    8. Takes less than ten minutes to install without help of any professional.

These two complimentary accessories can make your bathroom glow while it will make your kid’s bath time fun thanks to the built in colorful lights. Apart from routine use, LED Waterfall Faucet might put very positive outlook about you on guests coming to your house for party or dinner. This accessory has got enough to impress not just your family members but the visitors from outside. They will be all forced to believe that you are highly innovative. Do not miss this golden opportunity to make your house modern.


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