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Many homes and cottages across Britain still have log fires. It is a redeeming feature that brings warm joy to the homeowners and guests will gaze in awe at your fireplace. It is also a great way to save on energy bills as there is no need to turn up the central heating when your living quarters are warmed in a hot, crackling glow of a real fire.

What you need to make your fireplace appear even more dynamic is a log holder basket that looks great, contemporary and supplements the fire and surrounding façade. As your logs burn bright during those cold winter nights, you will need to constantly replenish the logs to feed the fire during the course of the evening. You do not wish to be walking outside to the log shed and grabbing a couple of logs every time the stock gets low.

A log holder basket should be contemporary looking and be fit for purpose. At Contemporary Heaven there


a selection of 11 different log holder baskets you can complement your fireplace with.

The Half Moon Modern Log Holder is available in black or silver brushed metal and the modern-looking Black Willow Basket is a huge


for those living in homes based on a contemporary décor.

Contemporary Heaven can even offer modern log and kindling holder tubs in black. The striking feature of this product is the words “LOGS” and “KINDLING” are cut out in the front of each holder using laser technology to denote its function. There is a decent capacity for your fireplace to hold an evening’s worth of logs and kindling providing you have a small or medium-sized fire in your home.

Another stunning addition to the stock at Contemporary Heaven is the art deco log and companion set. The companion is actually a holder for your stoker,


and brush and the product is made from the finest brushed steel and black glass finish. It truly is the fireside product you must have for the modern home.

It is also possible to buy these items separately or as part of a set. If you are looking for something simply as a classic, functional and modern fireside product then the Roco Verre Fireside Tool Set and Log Basket works perfectly as it has height (57cm) and works dynamically by taking up very little floor space with its small width area of just 20cm x 30cms.

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