Morning Glares or Home and Offices Overheating? Here Are 4 Type of Roller Blinds to Reduce Them!


These are the 3 types of roller blinds that can meet the needs of different users and their preferences. They are Indoor, outdoor and dual shaded roller blinds. Singaporean roller blinds companies do provide these products, along with installation services. This helps you battle against the elements of heat and glare that intrudes your home and offices. There are many benefits to why you should make the change from your regular curtains to roller blinds.

Unlike curtains, roller blinds can help you adjust lighting levels based on the amount you set it according to your preference. Concurrently it can achieve what curtains provide and more. By completely blocking light and sight, it effectively ensures your privacy in your environment. This would also mean that the heat generated from sunlight, is blocked and reduced in your environment. A roller blind simplifies your efforts in cleaning by just wiping it with water and a mere cloth, hence, washing curtains would become obsolete.

Indoor roller blinds are the most common installation that many customers make to obtain these preventive benefits as mention previously. Roller blinds Singapore companies emphasize the simplicity it takes to maintain and clean roller blinds which saves your time, money and effort you would have needed to maintain curtains. Customization is designed specifically to ensure that the right roller blinds are functionally and aesthetically placed in your homes or offices.

Outdoor rollers blinds have the same benefits of indoor blinds with some extra protective features. For bigger homes or spaces, balconies or outdoor hallways may be drenched with rain or covered with snow in foreign countries. An outdoor blind can prevent these from occurring and effectively preventing unfortunate slipping accidents. It does not keep everything out as airflow and circulation are still important. Therefore, these blinds still allow air to blow through, keeping homes and offices cool.

Dual shaded blinds are all about full customization, which allows adjustable preference of the lighting control. Dual shaded blinds are multi-functional and provide extra features. It operates on a singular cord control system that manages between an opaque and translucent material. This allows a different amount of light to enter the space you are in. The adjustment in light intensity allowed into your space, lets you gain greater control to do more without the inconveniences caused by manually adjusting curtains. Cleaning a dual shaded blind is similar to cleaning an indoor or outdoor one. Just simply use a cloth with some water or feather duster to brush off dust and dirt. Simple maintenance and cleaning would mean that you can use your time for other activities rather than cleaning or washing curtains.

So what are you waiting for? Make the change for lighting control and block heat the same way but with more perks. Roller blinds are the new affordable way that gives you convenience, control, and customization.

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