Moving House With Pets: Keep Them Calm and Reduce Their Stress


According various sources, moving house is among the top 5 most stressful life events we can go through. There is a lot of anxiety, waiting, financial commitments, uprooting your entire life, sometimes moving to a new area or even country to contend with.

Given the sheer amount of chaos, it’s easy to forget about your pets and how they may be feeling stressed. They’ll witness the phone calls, the anxious atmosphere, potential arguments and the general high tension. Where they won’t be able to make sense of the change, they’ll certainly feel it.

With this in mind, here are our tips to help keep your pets calm and reduce their stress when you move to a new house.

Introduce them to the area – walk the dog around there.

Where possible, try to familiarise your pets with the new area. This is easy with dogs as you can take them on long walks all around the new area. Let them leave their scent around the streets, familiarise themselves with the new sights and smells.

It’s also a great way for you to explore your new location on foot, learning the routes and local area.

Have them chipped – if they’re lost, you can find them.

Prepare yourself by having your pets chipped and their nametags updated with the new address and contact details. By making sure their details are up to date you put yourself at ease should your pets go missing.

It’s also a way to build up a relationship with a new local vet who can assist you with more information about the local area and how to help your pets settle.

Leave moving them to the last minute – they’ll detect the stress.

There is a solid body of evidence that shows our pets can read our moods and detect stress. With this in mind, try to keep the move as stress free as possible. It’s also worth only moving them at the last minute, preventing them from being alone in the new property for as long as possible.

Keep a sense of familiarity for them.

A temptation when moving house is to buy all new furniture. Where this is great, perhaps leave it a few weeks before you do so to help your pets. They’ll be used to the smells and feel of your ‘old’ furniture, so keeping it whilst your pets get used to their new surroundings will help keep them calm.

After a few weeks they’ll be used to the new place and then by all means, shop as much as you like!

In the early days, show them even more attention!

When you first move into a new place it’s easy to get caught up in the constant moving of furniture, opening boxes etc. Despite this, take some time to spoil your pets. Appreciate that they’ve moved too and where you can make sense of the why and how, they’ve been uprooted and placed in a totally strange and new environment!

It’ll also help reduce your stress levels too – always handy when you’re moving house!

Unfortunately there is little we can do to completely remove the stress of moving house, but if these tips help make the process less stressful for your furry friends then they have been worth it!

It’ll certainly help them settle into your new home more quickly!

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